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March 2015 Favorites - Part 2...

Due to continued questions about paint colors in the house, I'm devoting March to a brief house and paint color tour.  Earlier this month, I covered the main level of the house and all the paint colors that we used in March 2015 Favorites - Part 1.  Now, onto the rest of the house...

March 2015 - Part 2

Color #1 - Stonington Gray
The first color that's on my hit-list to fix over the next few years is Benjamin Moore's Stonington Gray in our master bedroom.  I don't hate the color, but I don't love it either.  I expected a stronger gray and I feel like in most light, the walls come off blue, event though it solidly looks gray online, in some pictures, etc.

Stonington Gray (HC-170)

Yup, still looks gray in the above photo to me!  Unfortunately, our bedroom is one of the largest rooms in the house, so even the idea of doing a re-paint is a stretch for me right now.  Blue?  Gray?  You decide.  Personally, I think we should have went with one shade darker.

We also have to figure out a plan for the recessed ceiling areas in the room too!  Always a work in progress.

Master bedroom

If you're interested in the sitting room walls, I wrote several posts about that transformation a few years ago.

Color #2 - Yarmouth Blue
Even though I may not like the color of the master bedroom, I adore the color of our master bath - Benjamin Moore's Yarmouth Blue.  Maybe it's just the Massachusetts-connected name???  I like the contrast between the dark wood cabinets, light beige tile flooring, the wall color and the colored tile in the shower/bath area.

Yarmouth Blue (HC-150)

Color #3 - Ashley Gray
Hands down, my favorite room in the house these days is Mimi's room.  I am obsessed with the wall color that we chose last summer - Benjamin Moore's Ashley Gray.  It's the perfect "greige."  The room is slightly more modern than the rest of the house and I like to joke that perhaps my style/taste is changing since it is the latest room that I've completed. 

Ashley Gray (HC-87)

I also think the color matches the paint chip quite well, so we knew what we were getting into with the color and went for bright whites/yellows to contrast with the darker walls.

Overall, I couldn't be happier with this room!  I dedicated several posts about this room last summer as we updated it. 

Color #4 - Ansonia Peach
I must be getting bold in my old age because Benjamin Moore's Ansonia Peach is by far and away the color most removed from my "norm" choices.  I'm not 100% sold on it yet, but it's slowly growing on me.  I'm still looking for a few more touches for this room to complete the look.  I do think that it came out slightly darker than I would have thought from the paint chip, online pictures, etc.  I think I was going for more of a light terra cotta color vs bright peach or as Georgia calls it, "orange."  Eeeek.

Ansonia Peach (HC-52)

Color #5 - Sea Glass
And then we got a little crazy... and we didn't use a Benjamin Moore paint color!!  Instead, we decided to paint Georgia's bathroom in Martha Stewart's Sea Glass.  I loved the paint chip when hunting down some new paint colors at Home Depot and decided her small little bathroom would be great for the bright color.  Years later and I'm still happy with it!

I think it looks a tad more green in the above paint swatch  It's a more blue/green hue on the wall.  However, that room also gets  a lot of light from the side window and large lights above the sink.  I view it as more turquoise than green.

Color #6 - Clear Blue Sky
And then we got a little crazy and used another non Benjamin Moore paint color in the basement/man cave/princess cave.... Valspar's Clear Blue Sky.  Honestly, I probably would have used another Benjamin Moore color similar to Clear Blue Sky, but the room is massive and we used (I think) 4 gallons to cover the walls.  That would have been a tad pricey using my beloved BM paint!

Overall, I just wanted a soft soothing color to warm up the basement walls since they are so large and there is a lot of khaki colored carpeting down there.  We love this color!

If you want more information about the chalkboard walls and that process, you can find it HERE.

Color#7 - Fresh Butter (Again?!?!?)
Confession time... I have absolutely ZERO idea what color the basement hall color is!!!  Since we have most of our paint cans down on shelves in the storage space, I just ransacked the entire shelf and the only yellow I could find was Benjamin Moore's Fresh Butter... the same paint color as the living room and half bath on the main level.  So, I'm assuming we also continued it down into the basement stairwell and halls.  Hmmmm....  If not, Papa Kevin might be the only person who knows the true color down there.  They look similar!

Fresh Butter

Or I could be completely lying and this is a whole different color!!  Proof what motherhood does to your brain.

So, there you have it... all the current colors in the Thoman House.  There are only a few spaces left without paint - one upstairs bedroom, the mudroom, the laundry room and the downstairs bathroom.  I'm hoping to get one of those areas accomplished this summer. 

I've heard some great tips for helping to keep track of your paint colors (and apparently I need that help too!!), but the best was an idea I saw on Pinterest...  Before you screw your light faceplates back onto the wall after painting, write the paint color on a label or piece of tape and put inside the faceplate for safe keeping!  Brilliant.  Or... dedicate two blog posts to it so you can search your own blog when you forget the colors in a few years!!!

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