Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Do the Irish Eat Almonds???

Question of the day - Do the Irish eat almonds?  Who knows!!

Back in January when we did our most recent round of blood work at the allergist's office, Georgia showed a positive to almonds for the first time ever.  It was very slight - 0.64, but it was still a positive.  The allergist followed it up with a skin test and it also showed a positive reaction.  Interestingly, the previous year (2014), Georgia tested negative to almonds and her skin test was negative.  So, the allergist wanted us to proceed with an oral challenge in the office.

Today was Georgia's oral challenge to almonds.  Up until this point, I've always accompanied her to the appointments and hovered like a good little helicopter Mommy while she completed her previous challenges.  Unfortunately, due to state testing and snow days, I wasn't able to go to the appointment today, which meant it was Daddy day at the allergist's office.  Luckily, I started receiving silly text messages and pictures from the event to update me on the progress...


This weekend, I bought some slivered almonds and almond milk.  However, knowing Georgia, we really didn't think she would eat or drink those options.  So, I googled a chocolate almond cookie and Nick whipped up a batch this weekend (using crushed almonds in the recipe) and promised that she could eat them at the allergy appointment today.  Well, apparently when they got there, the allergist wanted to start with the milk or the almonds.  That wasn't gonna happen in Georgia's world when she had been promised cookies!!  According to Nick, the allergist caved pretty quickly to her tactics!

Three cookies and several hours later and the kid didn't haven't a reaction.  AMEN!!!!

So, onto pistachios next month.  Georgia has always tested negative to them in her blood work, but tested positive on skin tests both this year and last year.  So, we'll see what happens!  For now, we will keep eating almonds and exposing her a little bit each week.  17 months until kindergarten!

Following her appointment, Nick dropped her off at daycare where they celebrated St. Patty's Day by chasing leprechauns around school and getting treasure!  Someone didn't even want to leave when I showed up to pick her up, like most days!

So, not sure if we just had the "luck o' the Irish" today or if the skin test this year was a blip, but we were most than happy to pass almonds!

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