Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Weekly Random...

Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive after reading my last post about Georgia's latest allergy testing.  I had no idea the post would be so popular, but I glanced at some stats this morning and apparently it generated a lot of hits this week.  It will never reach my infamous Bubble Guppies bday party post (crazy how many people must google for that search term!!), but it's rapidly rising!

I'm not going to lie - I'm fairly depressed this week, but not about peanuts.  I'm depressed about lack of snow!!  Let's call it a "snow-pression."  January 2015 was looking so promising - two snow days and a handful of delays.  After that, NOTHING but cold rain.  Yet, our local meteorologists love to hype the possibility of snow every week here and then it goes north.  Meanwhile, the New England family keeps getting 1-2 feet every week.  My timehop app is not helping with my "snow-pression" and keeps reminding me of big snowstorms from year's past...

Memories from February of 2010!

Let's compare the above photo montage to this week's landscape pic...

Blah, blah, and blah.  We want snow!!

We kicked off last weekend by attending a surprise 40th birthday party for a friend's husband.  Since it was a family party, Georgia got to attend.  She LOVED the surprise part!

Getting ready to surprise the birthday boy!

Even more fun, the party was at a laser tag center.  Yup, our 3 year old played laser tag.  The number #1 rule in the center - no running.  Georgia must have missed that direction because as soon as the door opened, she was off screaming, "Go, go, go!!!!"  

Our little warrior

Happy 40th birthday, Chan! One of the highlights of the party was hearing Georgia introduce herself to someone new.  The girl asked Georgia her name.  Georgia's response, "My name is Georgia.  I'm three years old.  I'm going to be four years old and I'm going to have a Paw Patrol party."  Talk about asking a loaded question!

Thanks for inviting us to the party, Kate!

We had a big party at our house on Sunday night with all the neighbors in honor of the Patriots playing in the Super Bowl. Things weren't looking good for our boys in the final seconds, but it ended fabulously for New England fans like us.  We've got amazing neighbors with lots of small kids, so it was a wild and crazy party with a group of roving toddlers playing (aka - destroying the house) and way too much food and drink for a Sunday evening.

More than happy to shop with me for the big game!

Helping mix up some brownies for the party

The party drained all of us and by Monday afternoon, Georgia was running a low fever.  We took a sick day on Tuesday and a 3 1/2 hour nap seemed to beat whatever bug was running through her.

Back to school on Wednesday and lots of Valentine's Day prep in the classroom.  I arrived to pick her up and spotted this cute photo on the class door...

Signing "I love you"

Paw Patrol continues to rule the Thoman House airwaves.  Georgia BEGS to watch episodes non-stop.  It's become a great accidental reward program (aka - do X, earn an episode)!

Note that the pups go everywhere.  Marshall even got to go to the movies with us yesterday!  We had a family date night with dinner and a movie on Saturday evening.

Georgia and Marshall getting ready to check out "Paddington."

Marshall joined us for dinner too!

Ready for another week... of cold rain in the forecast while New England gets socked again with snow.  BLAH!

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