Monday, February 23, 2015

SNOW DAY 2015!!

It finally happened... a real snow day here in Maryland this winter!  We've had a serious case of jealousy going on with all the New England snow that just keeps missing us in the mid-Atlantic region.  Of course, we didn't get anywhere close to what they've been getting up north, but it doesn't take much to shut us down in this part of the country.  Georgia and I got the day off from school and Nick worked from home, so we actually got to enjoy a few inches of the white stuff...

**Disclaimer - YES, I know you can still see the grass.  We still consider this a real snow day in Maryland!**

Heading up the hill in the backyard

That might be the final picture of our beloved inner tube.  At the end of this run, the tube was completely deflated and had a large hole in it.  Ooops!  Thankfully, I remembered that we still had a smaller infant/toddler tube in the basement.  So, no more tubing for Nick, but Georgia could still fly down the hill.

At this point, I was enjoying the sledding show from the warmth of the house.  I lost track of Nick and Georgia for a minute until I zoomed in and spotted them making snow angels together on the side of the patio...

I decided to be "that mom" and join the family out back.  I may have just thrown on my ski parka over my fuzzy pink robe.  In case any of the neighbors spotted me, I did put on my incognito hat/hood/sunglasses.  Fairly certain they still knew it was me.

My little angel!

Nick decided to strap our Go Pro to Georgia for a few runs (unfortunately, I may need to hire a new video editor because "someone" is a slow poke with uploading his videos!)...

Overall, Georgia had a blast just playing in the snow and enjoying a few hours outside (which have been rare these days with the negative wind chills!).

Reverse snow angel?????

And it's snowing again today.  WOO-HOO!

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