Sunday, February 15, 2015

February 2015 Favorites!

February 2015

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Onto this month...

1 - Dry Shampoo
I have officially discovered dry shampoo and I'm obsessed.  The process of drying my hair every morning during the winter is so tedious.  I don't mind getting up in the morning, but the added 30 minutes in the dark just so I can blow dry my hair is depressing.  I tried dry shampoo a few years ago, but my hair is thick, so a lot of them didn't do too much for me.  By noon, my hair looked a greasy mess and I would be forced to throw it in a ponytail.  I decided to give dry shampoo another try a few months ago and I'm loving it this time around.  My new fave...

It's cheap, quick and saves me 30 minutes some mornings!

2 - Peach Salsa
Typically, I'm not too adventurous with my salsa - mild or medium and usually a name brand.  However, I decided to use a jar of peach salsa from our local grocery store, Harris Teeter, when I made some chicken in the crockpot a few months ago.  Total new addiction.  I could eat this with a spoon!!  Funniest part... I really don't like "peach flavored" anything, including peaches.


3 - Lofthouse Cookies
For months and months, I had been hearing an "urban legend" about Lofthouse Cookies.  People from all over the country were posting about finding these cookies at Walmart and grocery stores across the country, but I had no luck finding them.... until our local grocery store started carrying them.  

Since Georgia's latest round of blood work, I am completely paranoid of peanut or tree nut cross-contamination in the food we eat.  I am forever grateful to companies, like Lofthouse Cookies, who sell these cookies (which happen to be DELICIOUS!) and clearly label them as made in a peanut and tree nut free facility.  We bring them everywhere.  Yes, they do have egg and dairy in them, but since it is baked into the product, they are "Georgia safe."  I love that they release holiday version - we were eating green/red ones at Christmas, orange/black ones at Halloween and now pink/red ones for Valentine's Day.

4 - Getting taller
Georgia was so excited at Mimi's house in December because she could reach all of the lights in her house.  Unfortunately, when she got home, she realized that our light switches were slightly higher.  Until now...

5 - Red!
I've been seeing red lately.  Specifically, in my hair.  Thankfully it's toned down a bit since I took this photo when I first got home from the salon.  

6 - Gravity
We kicked off February by hosting the neighborhood Super Bowl party at our house with a bunch of neighbors and kids.  Everyone had a blast and the Patriots won, which made the game even better.  I had to send Nick to the grocery store for some last minute stuff and he grabbed a bunch of HUGE football balloons.  Weeks later and they are still floating around the house.  

This week, we discovered that the balloons can serve as blimps to help carry around Georgia's stuffed animals.  Add a chip clip and these balloons become zeppelin airship...

The Paw Patrol really can fly these days around our house!

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