Saturday, February 28, 2015

Allergy Update - February 2015...

After Georgia's most recent round of blood work in January, our allergist recommended a heated egg challenge after G's egg numbers continued to drop.  Over the past few years, her egg numbers have continued to go down:

    • 2015 - 1.35
    • 2014 - 1.48
    • 2013 - 5.34
    • 2012 - 16.7

At both her 2014 appointment and her recent 2015 meeting, Georgia tested positive to egg on skin pricks, but the allergist still wanted to proceed with the test since Georgia had already passed a baked egg challenge almost 2 years ago.

So, Nick whipped up some yummy french toast and off we went to the newest adventure at the allergist's office!

Ready to go!

I'm always grateful for the iPad during these challenges since we end up spending a good portion of the morning at the allergist's office.  Georgia did amazing and eagerly scooped up the french toast.  After each bite, the timer got set for 10 minutes before the next bite was brought in.  Before we knew it, she had inhaled an entire slice!

Since she did great with the 1st slice, they decided to just go right ahead and give her the 2nd slice... all of it.  Georgia did her diligence and ate it all right up.  

And then we waited.  She may have gotten a tad annoyed with me as I kept getting in her face to see what was going on.  Unfortunately, Georgia also woke up with a slight cold so it was difficult to ascertain whether she was rubbing her nose because of that or whether she got sniffly after eating the 2nd piece.  

After about 15 minutes, I noticed that she was rubbing her right eye... a lot.  Between that and the sniffles, I was certain that she was having some sort of a reaction.  The nurse came in, took a look and without me saying anything, also noticed a bit of swelling with her right eye and sniffles.  The doctor came in and agreed with everyone that something was happening.  So, we all decided to give it some more time.  She kept telling us that she felt fine and she didn't have any hives and her voice was completely normal.  She wasn't coughing or wheezing.  The doctor took a look in her nose and noticed some swelling in her nasal passages that wasn't there before the challenge began.  So, we waited some more.  

After another 10-15 minutes, everything seemed to settle down and most of the swelling seemed to diminish (we think, since it was so subtle to begin with!).  I was texting with Nick the entire time and he asked to send a picture of the swelling, but it was too subtle to even notice in a picture.  Georgia confirmed to us that her eye was not itchy anymore.  In fact, Georgia was just bored with all of us asking her questions.

All in all, the doctor considered it a pretty successful challenge and encouraged us to continue to expose Georgia to heated egg.  We follow-up again in a month and we'll report in as to how the egg is going.  

Overall, this challenge was a tad more stressful than past challenges just because I definitely noticed some changes after she ate both slices of the french toast.  BUT... if the worst case scenario is just an itchy nose and a little bit of puffiness in her eyes, we'll take it!  

Next month... almond challenge.  I can already feel my blood pressure increasing.  

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