Thursday, January 22, 2015

Twas the Night Before a Trip....

Twas the night before Nick and I were scheduled to leave on a trip and we should have been sound asleep, but... there's always an adventure at our house!

For my birthday in December, Nick teased me with a future mystery trip to an unknown location for the MLK holiday weekend.  He had me take off Friday from work and gave me few details, except that we were headed out to "a bay."  The Type-A personality in me has been tortured for the past month wondering where we would be going.  But, since I kidnapped Nick to New Orleans for his 35th birthday, I couldn't complain too much.  So, I submitted my leave slip for a day off from work and waited for more details about the trip.

On Thursday evening, I ran out to get a pedicure after getting a clue that we would be going somewhere "beachy" and that I needed my passport for the trip.  Mimi arrived on Thursday night and helped to entertain Georgia while Nick and I packed (aka - Nick packed and I mimicked his outfits with similar clothes).  Nick had previously ran down to the storage area in the basement to grab suitcases earlier in the evening.  I realized that our sunscreen was down in the storage area too, so I went back down and realized that one area of the cement floor seemed discolored and darker.  Since I was barefoot, I ran my newly pink (and perfectly manicured toe) over the seam in the floor and discovered that it was slightly damp.  I immediately screamed for Nick in complete and utter panic with two thoughts pounding in my head...

Thought#1 - We've already had a flooded basement and it was absolutely NO FUN, especially since we had just moved into the house and I was on maternity leave with Georgia after her discharge from the NICU.  
Thought#2 - We were approximately 7 hours away from leaving the country!

Within a few minutes, Nick diagnosed the issue... our sump pump wasn't working.  Seriously with the sump pump drama... again?!!  Flood #1 during the summer of 2011 was caused by the sump pump being installed incorrectly by the builders.  

I ran upstairs to call the emergency plumbing number that the builders provided to us.  The lovely lady on the other end guaranteed that someone could come out the following day to look at the problem.  I guaranteed them that Mimi would be here to meet whomever they sent out to the house.  Meanwhile, Nick was doing his best to pry the sump pump cover off to get a better look at the issue and Mimi took Georgia upstairs to work on Operation Bedtime.

Nick decided to try to use the shop vac to drain some of the water out of the hole, but after it filled up after just a few seconds, he realized that it would take forever and we needed a different solution.  So, off to Home Depot he went at 8:55pm while I paced the house and attempted to keep myself busy packing.  At this point, I may have been wandering around the house making statements like, "We can't leave the country if the house is going to flood tomorrow!"  

Did I mention that our plan was to go to bed at 10pm since we were being picked up at 5am by the car service?!?!

Nick text from Home Depot to declare (thankfully) that they were open until 10pm and he was going to buy a new sump pump and install it himself.  Great!  Huh?  Sure!

He got home and was a man on a mission.  He wasn't messing around this time.  He got out the big drill and got that sump pump cover off in record time.  It was not a great sight...

Totally and utterly full

Nick was a machine at this point.  He grabbed the old pump out of there, installed the new one, fired up the saw to cut down some pipe to fit the new pump, and we were back in business.  When he turned on the new pump, it was instant Niagara Falls out back.  The new pump that Nick purchased was a stronger model than the old pump and it immediately got to work.  Nick went out to the back yard to check that the pump was running and you could hear the gushing water as soon as you opened the back door.  It continued to run like that for several hours.

I immediately text a friend - "Always marry an engineer!"  

I was absolutely blown away that Nick knew how to repair the sump pump.  I admit it - impressive.  Who knew my husband was a part-time plumber???  We decided to keep the appointment with the plumber to make sure that everything looked okay the following day.  Nick also immediately ordered a back-up battery system and high water alert alarm for the new pump so we wouldn't be caught off guard again!

So, our 10pm bedtime was completely shot.  After quick showers and shoving our clothes into the suitcases, we finally got to bed right before midnight.  Our 4:30am alarms went off pretty early, but adrenaline kicked in and we were off on our way to Dulles Airport.  

Caffeine inhalation and Nick ordering a battery back up system!

A few hours later it was wheels up to Miami and then off onto our weekend trip to...

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