Tuesday, January 13, 2015

MA Memories 2014...

Time to wrap up the Holiday posts from 2014...

After our ER drama from earlier in the week, we were happy to settle into a "boring" existence for the remainder of our time in Massachusetts.  We got to see lots of friends and family who we only get to see 1-2 times during the year.  Nick and I managed to sneak in a few different movies and a lunch date while we abused the built-in Mimi babysitter.  We had our annual brunch/play-date with my graduate school friends, their husbands and all the kids.  I even got to see an old high school friend who I hadn't seen since my bridal shower!  

We got lots of lounging around in our pajama time, which is the best way to spend the holidays...

Breaking in Mimi's new kitchen floor

KC loves being at Mimi's house.  She spends the days sitting in the bay window meowing at the birds!

We squeezed in lots of play time with all the new toys that Georgia received over break.  Not sure if anyone saw all the controversy over the latest Play-doh toy, but Georgia received it as a present from Auntie Lisa and has loved playing with it every day.  Does the shape of the frosting maker bother me?  Not at all - I find it hysterical!

WHO doesn't wear their new ear muffs while making play-doh creations???

Papa scored a MAJOR hit by giving Georgia her first sets of earrings.  Yes, they were clip on.  And yes, she LOVED them!  Her first question, "Can I wear them to school?"

I had no idea that a set of ear muffs would be such a hit this year either!  She wore them both inside and outside all week long!

Another visitor during the week was Baby Brayden.  The last time that Georgia and I visited with him this summer, he was just a little baby.  Now, he's such a little man!  Georgia demonstrated just a wee bit of jealousy when her Mimi's attention was on another little someone, which was interesting to see in action!

Of course, my favorite photos always include my three favorite goonies...  I LOVE how much Georgia LOVES them!

I repeatedly mention how great a big cousin that Nathan is to Georgia.  She is lucky to have him.  He even tolerated playing her "version" of Connect-Four (aka - put all the chips in at one time to make pretty rows!)

Overall, we got in lots of relaxation time (minus the ER visit!)...

Stealing Papa's chair and blanket

The week in Massachusetts always flies by.  Before long, Nick was playing tetris again with all the new stuff that we had acquired during the week at home.  We hit the road on a beautiful sunny day and cruised easily back to MD.  Georgia watched 4,308 episodes of "Paw Patrol" and KC paced the car like a caged lion.  Georgia refused to nap and we refused to pick a battle over lunch choices!

Lunch of over-tired and cranky toddlers everywhere while driving on the NJ Turnpike --- 2 waters, goldfish, candy and crackers!  Can't say we argued as we inhaled our biyearly Burger King lunch!

Another trip in the books.  By the time I got home, another gift was waiting for me.  A truer statement never did exist...

Onto 2015 we go...

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