Thursday, January 15, 2015

January 2015 Favorites!

January 2015

1 - Waffle & Pancake Cooking 

Every weekend, Georgia and Nick bond in the kitchen whipping up a yummy waffle/pancake brunch for us.  I love that they spend the morning together in the kitchen while I sip coffee on the couch catching up with a show or writing the latest blog post.  Nick got a brand new griddle from my mom for Christmas, so now they whip up big batches on the weekend and Georgia can eat "Daddy's pancakes" all week long.

Cooking up some waffles

Waiting for the last batch of chocolate pancakes this weekend.

2 - Christmas Card Display

During my December favorites post, I introduced how we display all of our holiday cards in our house.  Although all the other Christmas decorations have long been put back into storage, this is the one "decor" that I keep up for the next few months.  I love seeing all the smiling faces of family and friends both near and far every day in our kitchen.

3 - Timehop app

If any of you haven't downloaded the Timehop app yet, do it immediately!  It is one of the highlights of my day when I get the notification on my phone that today's daily post is ready.  I've linked my app to my facebook, this blog, twitter and instagram so all the things that I've posted from years past pop back up on the date-versary (totally not a real word, right???) that I originally posted it.

Yes, a lot of my timehop involves Georgia, but I love that information from 5 years ago (which seems like a different lifetime) still shows up!

4 - Snowflake Decorations

So after putting away all the Christmas decor our house looked a tad naked without any festive touches.  From our autumnal decor in the fall to our turkeys during the month of November, we've had something up in the house for the past 4 months.  

I was walking through the mall doing some returns and exchanges the other day when I noticed that many stores had 75%-80% off their holiday decor, so I bounced in and out of a few stores to see if anything struck my fancy for next year.  I spotted these snowflakes in J.C. Penney and fell in love (and fell in love with their price at 80% off!).  I made an executive decision that although they are really "Christmas decorations," they could hang out with us during the winter months since SNOW doesn't really go out with the month of December.

5 - New sneakers

When my mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year, I had the perfect answer (for once!).  I desperately needed some new running sneakers, which don't come cheap, especially when you also need new inserts to fix my pronate-prone ankles.  So, I asked for a gift card to my favorite running store, Fleet Feet.  Georgia and I headed over there for a shopping trip when we arrived home from MA and I picked up the latest version of my favorite sneaker - Asics' GEL-Nimbus 16.  Spring is my favorite time of the year for running since all my favorite local races are in April/May/June.  So, time to up the mileage and start cranking out some winter training.  Have I mentioned how Georgia LOVES that my sneakers always seem to be bright pink???

6 - First Snow of the Winter

We had our 1st snow day of the winter on January 6th after being back at work/school just one day after winter break.  It was a tough call for the area schools due to the timing of the snow and the fact that the snow fell faster than they expected. Originally, our school system called for a 2 hour delay, but later changed it to a no-school day.  

Georgia was dying to get outside and play in the few inches of snow.  So, 20 minutes of layering up later...

Don't laugh, but yes, we get the day off from school when you can still see the grass!

7 - Toddler bribery

Last week, Georgia was due for her annual food allergy blood work before her appointment with the allergist later this month.  In years past, she has done amazingly well at the blood lab.  This year was a tad different.  She immediately knew what I was talking about when I told her about the appointment and she completely panicked.  Crying, screaming, climbing up my neck, etc.  The poor girl made me so sad. 

Like any good parent, I tried bribery.  I took her to Panera for breakfast and she was happy as could be eating her blueberry bagel.  I hoped maybe she had forgotten about the upcoming appointment.  NOT HAPPENING!  While I pinned her down at the blood lab, I promised we could go buy her beloved Rubble (from "Paw Patrol") at Target as soon as we were done or take a ride on the mall train.  She sobbed.  I sobbed.  It was a scene.  As we left the blood lab, she was still sobbing and screaming for her Daddy, but in between sobs, she managed to say, "I can go get Rubble now??"  Off to Target we went!  Later that day, I took her for a spin on the mall train, since I had extreme Mommy guilt, and she happily screamed, "Happy New Year" to everyone who we passed!

8 - Christmas in January

For Georgia, Christmas never seems to end.  Even after we made it back from Massachusetts, she had a stack of presents waiting for her on the doorstep and the packages just seemed to keep arriving for days on end.

Thank you to everyone who spoiled her rotten this holiday season!

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