Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jamaica - Day 2...

After a long day of travel on Friday and getting acquainted with the resort, we slept like the dead.  Nick predicted that I would be up at dawn on Saturday and ready to hit the beach (he's never going to let me live down that ONE TIME that I was the first passenger off the cruise ship as it pulled into St. Thomas!).  I couldn't let him be right, so I rolled back over and let him sleep until 8am, even though I could see the sun peaking through the curtains and I couldn't wait to get out there.  The beach was calling my name!!!

We headed down to claim lounge chairs before hitting up the breakfast buffet in the restaurant area.  We quickly learned that sleeping in was not a good option if you wanted to sit poolside because lots of prime seats were already claimed by towels and beach bags.  Luckily, we were headed down to the beach and we had no problem claiming a prime spot under a tree/hut structure.  

Did I mention the peacocks on property yet???  They were everywhere and seemed to wander around the property freely.  We had a few guests at breakfast.  Fun fact --- Apparently the male peacocks SHAKE their feathers at the female to get their attention.  This guy desperately wanted the attention of a nearby lady friend!!

After inhaling breakfast, I went to my happy place...

I love the meaning of "partly cloudy" in Jamaica!

We spent the majority of the day either lying on the beach and soaking up the sun or taking a dip in the ocean to cool down.  Nick loved getting a chance to use his new Go Pro camera and all its water accessories.  We debated scuba diving, but it was too quick of a trip to figure out the timing and logistics.

Nick explored the non-motorized equipment at the resort and realized that the sailboats were available to take out, which led him to convincing me to take out a boat for awhile.  He may have promised that I could just lay there and enjoy the sun.  He failed to mention that the first wave would totally wipe me out.  I was spitting out salt water for the next 30 minutes!

When we pulled back into the resort, we noticed a line forming near a cart that hadn't previously been on the "boardwalk" area.  The smell coming from the cart was AMAZE!  Turns out, we had discovered the resort's beloved chicken man.  The only thing on the menu - jerk chicken.  You could order your chicken with one option - sauce or no sauce.  We ordered up two chickens with sauce and watched as he hacked up the chickens with a gigantic cleaver knife and slopped a nice helping of spicy sauce on top.  He told us that he served about 120-160 chickens per day and only stayed open as long as they lasted.  They go quick because only minutes after we grabbed our chicken, he packed up and was gone for the day!  It was beyond delicious.  Pina coladas and jerk chicken on the beach make me a happy girl.  

Another great area of the resort we discovered on Saturday was the Barefoot Grill, which was a great little spot on the beach that had cold drinks, beer on tap, burgers,hot dogs, nachos, etc. available all day long.  They also served the best freshly baked potato chips EVER!  This little self-service kiosk was the perfect stop for a quick drink or snack while you were lounging on the beach or at the pool.

After a long day beach side, we decided to move over to the pool area for a few hours and enjoy the music and a different view.

My favorite time of day in Jamaica... sunset!  

Nick's new camera and selfie stick came in handy quite often...

After sunset, most people seemed to disappear back to their rooms to prep for dinner.  Not us.  That was Nick and I's cue to head to the piano bar area to relax on our favorite swinging bed and hammock...

After a quick FaceTime with my cutie-pie (who could have cared less that we were gone!), we made our nightly trek back to the room to shower and prepare for dinner.  We decided to try out the French restaurant on property for dinner that evening.  When we first walked up, they had a wait list.  No problem - we'll be at the piano bar listening to the live music.  Even better, the buzzer they gave us to notify us that our table was ready was still in range at the bar!

Enjoying a pre-dinner cocktail and live music by the water

Patience paid off because we managed to score the best table in the house that night - outside on the patio where we could still enjoy the warm night and the sounds of the band from the bar area!

Cheers to Jamaica!

Later that night, I fell asleep feeling like I was still swinging in our hammock!

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