Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015... Not Yet!

Happy New Year 2015!  I hope you enjoyed our recaps of 2014 while we enjoyed our holiday week in New England visiting with family and friends.

The calendar might say January 2015, but my camera needs to do a massive photo dump from December of 2014 before we can move along to the new year.

On December 22nd, we finished up work and school and packed up to head north the next day.  Someone wanted to make sure we didn't forget her...

KC wanted to make sure she got her yearly quota of eating shrimp at Mimi's house!

After several years of driving back and forth to Mimi's house, we've got the packing down to a science in our house.  I'm the official list-maker and packer extraordinaire.  Nick is in charge of the tetras game that is the packing of the car, even with the "mystery bags" that I seem to whip out at the last minute.  

Thankfully, it was an uneventful drive to Massachusetts and we made good time since there was no traffic.  Georgia watched her beloved "Paw Patrol" in the back seat and never blinked... or even spoke to us!

In her happy place!

We made it to Mimi's and Georgia wasted no time jumping right back into her typical routines, which include flipping through all of Papa's books and jumping on the bed...

Who needs to read "Winnie the Pooh" when you can read Papa's history of Roosevelt novel?!??

Even though Santa was not scheduled to arrive for a few more days, Mimi's Christmas tree space was packed to capacity.  Georgia loved finding all of her gifts under the tree - "It has a G!"

True story!

I did have one gift for everyone BEFORE we even started all the Christmas crazy... pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve!

Opening up some new jammies (and sporting some new socks from Mimi!)

On Christmas Eve, we continued our annual tradition of celebrating with Nick's Massachusetts based family.  We headed to Nick's brother's new house to celebrate the imminent arrival of Santa and to exchange some gifts...

Abby opening presents

Both cousins got a new puppy!

"Fishing" with Abby's new toy!

Pajama time and attempts at a cousin photo commenced...

We headed back to Mimi's to get into bed before Santa arrived.  Of course, we had to leave Santa and Rudolph a snack, so we left them some fresh baked brownies...

As parents, our final task of the night was "playing Santa" and making sure that Fred the elf made it onto Santa's sleigh.  KC may have (unwillingly) assisted with that task...

We dove into bed as NORAD informed us that Santa had entered east coast air space...

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