Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas Morning 2014...

Words aren't really necessary for most of Christmas morning when the pictures can tell the story...

Kicking off the morning

Opening gifts with Mimi

New play sand, ornaments and lots of Paw Patrol themed merchandise

I had no idea that one of the biggest hits from Christmas morning was going to be a chef outfit.  Opening gifts came to a screeching halt while Georgia got dressed and helped Mimi prep potatoes for a bit...

Chef Georgia

Next year, she's already been assigned the mashed potatoes!

And then it was back to the tree...

Trying on some new sneakers, a new puppy friend and lots of games

Note the progression from new slippers to new sneakers!

She was so excited to finally get Pom-Pom the Panda, since she has been talking about it for months

Special new jewelry box and bracelet from Mimi

New ear muffs

And the aftermath...

Christmas 2014 will definitely go down as the official "Paw Patrol" Christmas...





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