Thursday, October 30, 2014

Harvest Festival 2014...

We always kick off our Halloween week celebrating at Georgia's school harvest/fall festival party. Last year, Georgia rocked her care bear costume (2013) and the previous year, she pounced around daycare in her kitty cat costume (2012).  She wasn't enrolled in daycare yet when she was just our cutie little pumpkin at home and I was still on my extended maternity leave in 201.  

This year, we had MAJOR debate in our house about a Halloween costume.  Starting in late August, Georgia started talking about being a panda bear for Halloween.  Great!  But.... then she started talking about being a polar bear.  Uh-oh.  And so it went for all of September.  One day you would ask and she would tell you panda bear and the next day she would want to be a polar bear.  I figured that whichever costume I bought would be the wrong one knowing our little drama queen.  But, a few weeks ago, she seemed to make a final decision and started talking non-stop about the "black and white one!"

Meet my Panda Bear!

Too funny... Georgia proudly told her teacher, "Look at me - I'm a polar bear!"  Perhaps we need to review our bears again?!?!

Georgia has the most amazing teachers this year.  She absolutely adores them and we are so thrilled with the class.  The teachers organized a fantastic little party for their kids.  When I arrived, Georgia was quite busy pumpkin bowling with her friends...

Soon after, it was time to line up and prepare for our annual parade loop around the school.  Traffic was atrocious that afternoon, so as we walked around, we kept hoping that we would spot Nick/Daddy along the route. 

Luckily, as we were rounding the final bend on our walk back into the building, we spotted our favorite guy!  G was so excited to spot him. 

Next, we headed inside to the official class party.  Her teachers went out of their way to make sure that Georgia had safe treats to snack on, which I really appreciated.  One of the teachers was kind enough to snap lots of food label pictures and send them to me throughout the week so that I could give the thumbs up for different items.  If it didn't work, I usually managed to find a close enough replacement to send in with Georgia.  

G's class had the most amazing decorations.  The teachers really went out of their way to plan a special party for the kids.  As one dad said, "I checked out the other rooms - this one is the best!"  

A panda bear and Captain America ready to party

Each kid had their own pumpkin centerpiece too!

And perhaps my favorite picture from the party - Georgia and her BFF/our neighbor/classmate.  I just love that she put her hand on his shoulder...

They may have had a tad bit of a sugar rush after the party (yes, that is Georgia "woofing!")...

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Three.... and a half!

It's official... as of today, we have a 3 1/2 year old.  EEEEEK!  Georgia is already asking what age she will be next.  Secretly, it breaks my heart.  She wants to be a big girl so badly and I kinda want to keep her this age forever.  

She's at the perfect age to give huge squeezy hugs and kisses.  Unprompted, she will declare that dinner is "Just awesome!"  She says the absolute funniest things some days and she cracks herself up.  Yesterday, she declared that her cousin, Bennett, is "such a good guy!"  I love that she wants to hug all her friends and teachers before she leaves school.  I adore that she has started saying that she wants to be a teacher when she gets big (wish I could say that is my influence, but it's really because she loves her teacher so much).  She loves cooking with me or Nick and wants to be a helper in any way possible.  She talks non-stop some days about any and everything!  If she is not talking, she is singing.  Even when she is up in her bed, she's talking to her animals or singing a favorite song.

She is such a little person now.  My favorite little person...