Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fall Fun in the Great Outdoors...

Our fall adventures continue here in Maryland as the leaves start to turn, the days get shorter, and the temperature starts to drop!  I covered a lot of our in-house fall decorating in my last October favorites post found HERE.  This little recap will cover some of our latest outdoor happenings...

Georgia and I hit up Summers Farm for her annual pumpkin patch field trip.  Last year, Nick got to accompany her on the field trip.  He was so impressed with the place that we went back a few weekends later as a family and we LOVED this local farm.  This year, Georgia's class got to go on a bus!  She may have been more excited about the bus part of the field trip than the farm, to be completely honest.  We beyond lucked out with the weather and managed to sneak in the trip under a very gray sky.  As we boarded the bus back to the school, the rain began to fall!

G adores her teachers from the "Grasshopper A" classroom!

Playing with the chimes

Corn maze!

Slide action

Getting her jump on with her buddy, Jayson!

Last weekend, Nick's company had a picnic at a local playground/park area.  Unfortunately, the winds were gusting consistently all day long.  We could have used a few more layers, but we made it work for a few hours and it was the perfect day for some kite flying fun...

The diva LOVES her sunglasses... even on a cloudy day!

Flying a kite

Talk about some crazy colors - bright green grass and a dark stormy sky!

Georgia was super psyched for the sack races!

The park had an amazing playground.  We'll definitely go back just to visit the slides and swings again!

My instagram photo of the day captured the perfect hair moment...

Grandpa Bruce was also in town last weekend, so Georgia took him to Butler's Farm on another chilly fall day to show him around...

Monday, October 20, 2014

October Favorites!

A lot of bloggers that I follow write a Friday favorite post weekly.  Unfortunately, I just don't have that type of dedication or time during the week to participate!  So I thought I might implement my monthly favorites.  Without further adieu, my first official monthly favorites... 


1 - I am loving all companies who cater to food allergies!  We all know my dedication to Enjoy Life, but I've also recently discovered Divvies and Premium Chocolatiers and I'm head over heels for all of those companies.  

Georgia is obsessed with the cookies from Divvies and I'm so grateful that our local Wegman's grocery store sells the brand in their bakery section.  Auntie Melissa sent us the most delicious brownie cookie sandwiches with vanilla filling from the company and to be completely honest, I'm not sure who loved them more - Georgia or Nick/myself!  Premium Chocolatiers has won me over with their weekly free shipping Facebook posts and No No's have become a frequent request in this house.  I planned ahead and bought some Halloween treats for Georgia so she can swap out unsafe treats for some safe treats later this month.

2 - I love decorating our house in the fall, especially once all the Halloween stuff comes out of storage.  Our house looks so bland during the summer months and the place just seems to come alive this time of year.  Georgia has been excited about Halloween since July, so she was thrilled to help me jazz the place up a few weeks ago.

Even the house smells like fall thanks to my niece's fundraiser for school...

The front steps got a little seasonal upgrade too...

I absolutely cropped out the dead mums, who seem to have suffered an early autumnal death this week!

And the trees at the end of the street looked very autumnal this morning on my way to work...

3 - A lot of people already got a lookat the guest bedroom transformation during the summer, but I think we are finally finished in there and I am so thrilled with how everything turned out!  Adding the white furniture really sealed the deal for me.  It may be my most favorite room in the house right now and it makes me think about re-doing the colors in the master bedroom (don't anyone tell Nick!)...

Artwork - Home Goods, Target
Bedding - Kohls
Dresser/Nightstand - Ikea Hemnes
Wall color - Benjamin Moore Ashley Gray
Curtains - Bed, Bath & Beyond

4 - I don't think I've EVER mentioned make-up products in a post before, but I have a few new products that I have become obsessed with over the past few months thanks to a trip to Sephora.  I typically am a drugstore make-up type of gal, but I can see why people drop money on quality products when possible.  I still use plenty of "cheaper" products, but a few of these have become non-negotiable for me! 

I went into Sephora looking for one thing and of course got talked into several other items.  I'm so grateful to the girl in the store for recommending this finishing powder to me!  I'm assuming I am not the only fan since it has 30,000+ "likes" on the Sephora website!

Of course, once in Sephora, the real danger begins...

I went in looking for a new concealer and came out with Make up Forever's camouflage cream.  Is that the polite term for please-help-me-cover-up-my-mid30's-pimples???  No lie - this stuff covers up EVERYTHING!  But, I still can't give up my simple Fit Me Concealer from Maybelline (in fair) for under the eye coverage.  Nothing covers bags like this stuff.

And lastly, I was convinced by Pinterest to try out Makeup Geek eyeshadows.  I've never been very adventurous in the eye shadow department, so it's not surprising that I stuck to basic peach/beige tones.  You can see how much I've used these over the past few months because I've already worn off the writing on the cases!  I used to think that I must wipe or touch my eyes a lot throughout the day because I'd get home and all of my eye makeup would be gone.  I can now say that when I wash my face 15+ hours after applying these colors, they are still there - all of it.  

The Makeup Geek eye colors from L-R --- Vanilla Bean, Beaches & Cream, Creme Brulee

5 - I know that everyone and their brother goes ballistic for the Pumpkin Spice Latte at this point in the year, but I'm not that wild about it.  Instead, I go for the Salted caramel hot chocolate.  It's not always listed on the official menu, but they'll make it for you if you ask nicely.  Even the Starbucks barista complimented my order this weekend saying "Not many people know of that one!"  Try it...

Fall at Starbucks = Salted caramel hot chocolate time

6 - We traveled several times this year to the west coast to celebrate weddings for family and friends.  Looks like we'll be sticking a little closer to home next year as we just put the first wedding of 2015 on the calendar.  Congrats, Carrie and James!

Until November...