Saturday, September 20, 2014


Just call me a bad blogging mommy the past few weeks, but grabbing a few minutes to write up anything has seemed almost impossible lately.  Obviously with school back in session, our time at home has drastically decreased.  Since we had a beautiful weather week, we tried to spend as much time outside as possible too!  And my last excuse... we didn't have a boring minute last weekend.  Not a bad thing, but no time to blog when we were off having so much fun all weekend long in the city.

Recap #1 - Our first event from last weekend was the National Zoo's Rock-n-Roar concert.  Yup, we took Georgia to her very first concert - The Fray.  The last time Nick and I saw The Fray was a few weeks before our wedding 5 years ago!  

Flashback alert...

Flashing back to June 16, 2009 - The Fray concert!  Who are these young people?!?!

Back to the present day...

As Friends of the National Zoo (FONZ), we started getting emails about their annual Rock-n-Roar concert this summer.  I thought about buying tickets for a bit and wasn't quite 100% sure about the "kid factor" (aka - is this an appropriate event for Georgia????).  Since the concert started early in the evening and factoring in the location, I decided to pull the trigger and buy tickets.  It was a great decision because she LOVED the concert.  She danced the night away and cried when the concert was over.  The show ended early - around 9pm, so we were home and she was in bed by 10pm.  She was not the only toddler/young child in attendance.  In fact, we were surrounded by families, including the 2 year-old little boy and his family sitting next to us.

Our view of the stage

We got to the zoo early enough to sneak in a ride on Georgia's favorite carousel before that area of the zoo was shut down for the concert.  We also managed a quick visit with the elephants before we headed down the hill to enter the event.  We claimed our spot with our chairs and blanket and Georgia loved just dancing around to the pre-event music while Nick and I grabbed dinner from one of the food trucks, BurGorilla, which was delicious.  There was a no-outside-food policy, but I did bring snacks and a sandwich for Georgia (which didn't seem to be an issue, since many other people also seemed to have brought in food for their kids).

Just chillin'... after she kicked me out of my chair!

Instagram shot of the day!

While Daddy was off visiting the beer tent, Georgia and I attempted a Mommy/Daughter selfie...

The Daddy/Daughter selfie came out much better while I went and visited the wine tent...

She was OBSESSED with the fan they gave everyone as they entered!

After eating our dinner, the opening act came out and Georgia got a tad restless.  So while Nick enjoyed a drink and defended our seats, Georgia and I went off to check out some other animals.  Since it had been advertised that many sections of the zoo were going to be closed off to the public, the zoo was empty.  Like, really empty!

Roaming free at the zoo...

G and I headed down to check out the sea lions, but they seemed a tad wiped out...

Georgia and I roamed the zoo all by ourselves for about 30 minutes before heading back to to our chairs.  We didn't get to see many animals since most seemed to be settling in for the night, but we saw lots of nice security guards!  We got back to the seats just as The Fray took the stage.  And then we rocked out... (unfortunately, the iphone doesn't do so well in the dark!)

The Fray made sure to play all their hits...




Overall, it was a great night, a fabulous concert, and a great benefit to support the zoo we love!  Georgia's first concert was a ROAR-ing sucess (yes, pun intended!).