Saturday, April 12, 2014

Clarksburg 5K 2014...

Every year, we're lucky to have a cute little neighborhood 5K that runs right by our street.  I had a great run last year and I found some co-workers who wanted to do the run this year, so I laced up again to hit the pavement in the neighborhood.  I definitely didn't beat my personal record from last year.  However, our little group of GES runners were all nursing some sort of injury (damn you, elementary school softball league!).  We were more than proud to just run the whole race and finish with our heads held high.  It was a beautiful morning and we had lots of cheerleaders along the route, including one special little cutie...

Georgia was so cute cheering us on and screaming "Run Mama!!"

The run is hilly, but with lots of friends and neighbors running and rooting you on from the sidewalks, everyone has a blast.  Our daycare is one of the sponsors of the race, so Georgia loved getting to see her teachers and the director after the run.  Of course, she enjoyed the bounce house at the end of the route too...

Now off to get the ice pack...

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Georgia says the funniest things these days.  Highlights from this past month or so include:

"I missed you too." (even when you have NOT told her that you missed her)

"It's not ewwww.  It's love!" (after the 8,989 viewing of Frozen, I may have said "Ewwww... they're kissing!"  Her response was enlightening.)

"I love you sooooooo much!" (paired with a giant hug, this is her new way to get out of any trouble caused)

"This is cool!" (when Mimi sent Georgia new light-up Minnie Mouse sandals for our Disney trip)

"I not sweetie!  I'm PEACH!" (God forbid that Nick dared to call her "sweetie," since daycare refers to her as "Peach")

"Look, I have boobies!" (Nick may have had a mini heart attack!)

"No, it's not school time.  It's party time!" (Sorority life, here she comes!)

"Just one?" (meaning, I fully expect more than one skittle, cookie, etc. and please give me another NOW)

"Sorry about that!" (refers to just about any time you question her about anything)

"It's ALMOST the weekend!" (even when it is the weekend)

She even tried driving this week!  

Trying to convince me it's a snow day so she doesn't have to go to school!

As her 3rd birthday approaches, her 2nd birthday party hats are still a hit in the toy box!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Under the Big Top...

After an amazing pre-show experience, we finally got to see the actual circus!  Georgia's jaw hit the floor when she saw the elephants march out, the fireworks went off and the whole show really got started...

The official show kicked off at 11:30am and around 1pm, Georgia was blinking like crazy and I was googling "how long does the circus last?"  We were amazed that there was still an intermission to go and another whole second half.  We thought for sure that Georgia was going to be out cold for the second half, especially after she reclined in Nick's arms.  But, a little cotton candy and a snow cone provided just the right amount of sugar to fuel her for the second half of the show!

Intermission = cotton candy time

Who needs a spoon when you're eating a giant snow cone out of an elephant cup?!?

Get at it!

And, of course, everyone loves a circus souvenir...