Saturday, March 1, 2014

Happy Birthday, Meems!

After a gorgeous Saturday at the zoo, we were able to celebrate Mimi's birthday on Sunday.  Georgia was most interested in "helping" Mimi unwrap her presents (aka - Mimi got to watch Georgia open her presents for her!).

In one of the cutest and unscripted moments of the day, Georgia spontaneously sang "Happy Birthday" to Mimi and she was so proud of herself.  We've been to quite a few birthday parties lately, so Georgia has really mastered that song.  She frequently sings it at night while lying in bed and we hear her on the monitor practicing.  So, she was quite proud of herself to sing it and show off her new talent!

For Mimi's birthday dinner, we decided to try a new Italian restaurant near our house and we were not disappointed.  Great food, fabulous sangria, free birthday desserts, and safe Georgia food!!  We couldn't have asked for a better dinner...

My favorite girls

Slurping up noodles

Happy birthday, Mimi!

Where did everyone go???

Sadly, Mimi had to return to Massachusetts later that evening.  She barely made it - like sprint through the airport barely made it.  Originally, her flight was delayed, so Mimi stuck around for a little longer to play.  However, when she arrived at the airport, she was notified that her flight was back to leaving on time.  So, Mimi had to join the BWI Sprint Club (Melissa and I are also members!).  Thank goodness she carb-loaded with that big pasta meal before the race.  Nothing like a little excitement on your birthday (and a 5K) to get the blood pumping!!

So, we're back to our family of 3 status for now and counting down the days until our Disney trip!  However, we might have to survive yet another winter storm this week.  UGH - leave us alone, winter.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February Zoo Trip...

We LOVE the zoo, so when we heard that this past weekend was going to be gorgeous, we jumped at the chance to get some outdoor time. We've been locked up this winter for far too long.  Apparently the rest of DC's residents felt the same because the zoo was absolutely packed.  As in, we couldn't even get a parking spot at the zoo.  Poor Nick had to valet park the car at a local hotel.  It was beyond insane.

Just swinging away...

Taking in the view

The animals appeared to have the same idea - get some sun and enjoy the beautiful weather!  I've never seen a day where all the animals were out, about and roaming around so actively.

Checking out the small mammal house

Who doesn't love a comfy blue blanket and some cardboard?!?

This guy had the best view in the place!

Soon enough, all of his friends joined in the fun!

The mama tiger led her cubs outside to play for a bit...

One of the "baby" tigers!

Luke the lion stared us down!

He seemed to get bored fairly quickly.

We were explaining to my mom that the last time we were at the zoo, Luke the lion was quite a vocal fella!!  Well, he didn't disappoint.  On cue, he let us know who was boss... or maybe just the King of this zoo!

Of course, as usual, Georgia's favorite activity at the zoo was the carousel.  Because of the crowds, I was a tad fearful that it might be a long wait, but we managed to time it right and jump right on for a nice, long ride.

Poor Mimi couldn't join in the fun.  She does better with both feet firmly planted on the ground!

Taking a picture of Mimi taking a picture of us!

A rare family shot on the carousel

Georgia hung in for a long time at the zoo.  Luckily, she passed out in her stroller for the long walk back to retrieve the car and managed to nap for the entire ride home and loved introducing Mimi to her beloved "Tinker Bell" movies when we got home.  She partied the night away while Nick and I escaped for some adult dinner!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Happy to See Mimi...

Georgia just about tackled her Mimi when she arrived on Thursday evening...

A happy girl!

One tackle just won't do though, so Georgia just kept hugging her all night long...

And within minutes, she had Mimi rolling around on the floor.  Poor Mimi - always being bossed around and ordered to do one thing or another.  She doesn't seem to mind all that much...

With Mimi in town, Mommy and Daddy get to escape!  Nick and I checked out the newest restaurant/bar in the neighborhood while Georgia went "swimming" in the master tub.

Since Saturday was predicted to be in the 60's, we started planning a trip to the zoo...