Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ice Day #5!

Georgia and I lucked out and our streak of not going to work/school on Wednesdays have continued.  This week it wasn't snow, but freezing rain, that kept us home.  Miss G was so perplexed when I told her we didn't have to go to school that morning.  She declared, "It's the weekend?!?"  Yup, a mini-weekend smack in the middle of the week - Mommy's favorite type of "weekend."

So, I climbed into her crib and we took some selfies before parking ourselves on the couch and watching the new favorite - "Tinkerbell."  Thank goodness for Netflix on these long winter days.  Nothing like spending a long Wednesday in your pajamas with your favorite little person!

Getting in my snuggle time!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Donuts with Daddy 2.0!

Since Georgia had so much fun during the last doughnut-fest back in December, we decided that another doughnut morning was in order!

Of course, as much as Georgia likes to help "make the doughnuts," she is much more into the eating part.  Totally my kid - she loves the carbs!

Tasting the first batch!

The little diva had to take a few selfies of herself while eating the doughnuts.  Everything these days is about wanting to watch herself!

The only downside to our doughnut mornings is the calories...

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Silly Daddy...

Some days, I'm so thankful for the camera on my iPhone.  I certainly didn't have my big camera with me in the car yesterday and if I didn't have my iPhone, I would have missed these action shots...

We stopped to fill up the gas tank while running errands in the BALMY 50 degrees.  Nick jumped out to fill up the tank and decided to play a little game of hide-n-seek with Georgia, who was still strapped into her car seat...

Sidebar - A lot of people have asked us how potty training is going with G these days.  Yesterday was a fabulous day.  It was our first long-term outing in/out of the car and in/out of numerous stores.  She did amazing and asked to use the potty several times during the day.  It's always a success when you use the potty in Target, Bed Bath, and Panera!  We also learned a valuable lesson - that Georgia is terrified of the high efficiency hand dryers in the bathroom.  Apparently she is a paper towel type of girl.  

Speaking of Panera... We had to give a shout-out to our local store.  We went in for lunch yesterday and I ordered Georgia a sandwich off the kid menu.  I asked the cashier a question, but apparently she misunderstood, so I wasn't 100% certain that Georgia's sandwich was safe when we received our order.  Nick took it back up to ask the kitchen staff a question about it and he said they were extremely helpful.  They went so far as to swap out all of their gloves and made her a brand new sandwich.  Apparently there were some new employees being trained and the veteran staff took the time to explain the situation to them and walk them through the proper steps to deal with the allergens.  Our little carb-addict loved her chunk of baguette and I love that she can eat a "normal" and impromptu lunch with us while out running errands.