Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Christmas 2013 Finale...

And the grand finale... our Christmas Day recap!  I promise we'll be onto 2014 soon enough.

Georgia had a blast running around playing with her cousins, Murphy the puppy, and all the new toys (both her toys and the other kids' new/old toys).  We braved skipping a nap and it actually paid off.  Georgia was busy enough and there were enough helpful hands to keep her occupied and happy, so she really didn't have time to have a meltdown!

Of course, by the time the actual party rolled around, she was an expert at unwrapping presents...

Unwrapping a present from Auntie Elaine

Checking out her new scooter from Auntie while Nick looks perplexed

So proud of herself for finding Matthew's gigantic sword

Daddy also had new toys to play with, including Andrew's new booze-bot, which entertained us all for the entire week!

Nick and Andrew checking out the drink menu

Playing with Matthew

A lapful of fun

Georgia has always been drawn to T-R-O-U-B-L-E, aka - her cousin, Matthew.  Christmas Day was no exception.  I think these two were secretly separated at birth, just several years apart...

Entertained just watching Matthew a new game

At least we made Matthew happy with our gift this year!

Georgia logged several miles driving around Auntie's house on Christmas Day...

Going for a ride with Auntie Elaine

Taking a spin with Papa

Ditched the tights and shoes!

Of course, we're always so happy to get to spend the day with Ken, Sherrie and Abby too...

Not sure who is in pain and who is laughing!

Abby saying "hi" to Murphy!

At one point, I hadn't seen or heard Georgia in quite awhile.  Eventually, I followed the sounds of giggles and found her upstairs with Nathan.  He was thoroughly entertaining her with his new art set.  She's always been enthralled by Nathan and this year was no exception...

Happy as could be playing with Nathan

Dance party!

You couldn't even tell that Georgia skipped a nap, until you could...

Giving herself a little break on Mimi's lap

When you're tired, the best remedy is to just relax, put on your jammies, and chill on Auntie's couch for awhile...

Hanging out with Auntie

As always, there has to be an obligatory picture of my god-doggy, Murphy!  Sadly, this might be the only pic of me from Christmas this year.  Oh well, me and the dog got a good shot!

And as quickly as it began, our 10 day vacation to MA was over and we headed back to real-life.  Our drive back was fabulous - quick, no traffic, and no fuss from the backseat.  Georgia was more than happy to relax and watch movies on the iPad the entire trip.  We stopped in CT to say hi to the Frimere's, who were kind enough to serve us lunch and let our toddler run around their house for an hour.  Every time we drive back/forth, I always want to say hi to so  many people along the route, so to actually get to do it this year was fun!  However, as Jen text later, "We forgot to get a picture for the blog!"  So this is the blog shout you that you totally deserve for hosting us!

Happy 2014 everyone.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas Morning 2013...

I know, I know - it's now mid-January and I'm still recapping Christmas.  It happens!

I will say that all the things you hear from parents with young children about finding the joy in Christmas through your child(s) eyes is completely true.  I think Nick and I were more excited about Georgia's reactions to presents and Santa than our own gifts this year.  However, we were thankful that she wasn't up at 3am like some of our friends' children!  Truthfully, she was a tad confused by the Christmas morning chaos.  She just wanted to play with a toy, yet we were telling her to put it down and unwrap something else.  We had to take several breaks throughout the morning, especially since we had Santa's gifts from Maryland and Santa's gifts from Mimi to open!  We finally finished the next morning.

Tearing into her first gift from Santa


Relaxing in her new Bubble Guppy chair

Reading break (check out those red toenails!)

Checking out her new Mickey Mouse friends

Lining up all her new Disney princesses

Makeup free Mommy and a milk break!

New car from Papa was quite a hit!

Unwrapping with Daddy

Digging through her stocking

Once the presents are all unwrapped, the real fun begins... construction.  I worked for a doctor while in graduate school who once claimed that the three most dreaded words to read on Christmas morning were "batteries not included!"  

Helping Daddy construct her new princess castle

Happy to be a helper

I love this collage I made for Instagram comparing Georgia from last year's Christmas to this year, especially since she is wearing the same pair of pajamas.  They were massive on her last year and fit perfectly this year.  She hated wearing them last year and she would live in them this year, if we allowed her!

From our little baby to our little girl!  And she graduated from a horse to a car!

After a relaxing morning unwrapping presents and watching the Disney Parade on television, off to Auntie's we went for the rest of the day...