Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas Eve Traditions...

Apparently I completely lied in my last post when I said that it was FREEZING here in Maryland because now it is beyond freezing.  -20 this morning was a fabulous greeting to the day.  Brrrr...

At least some warm memories can keep us going around here.

Since "the girls" (aka - Georgia and her cousin, Abby) were born three years ago, we've created a great tradition of celebrating Christmas Eve with Nick's family at their home in Massachusetts.  The first year, the girls were just babies.  Last year, they were toddlers running around chasing each other.  This year, they were full grown little girls hosting their own tea party and jumping around like maniacs waiting for Santa's arrival!  Although both had their fair share of opinions in terms of who owned what.  The word "MINE!" may have been screamed more than a few times.

Reading together


Abby modeling her new princess shirt

Georgia opening presents

The "moms" get their picture taken for a change!

Nick and Abby checking out a new game

Having a tea party in their pajamas

By the time we got back to Mimi's house, it was time to tuck Georgia into bed and get ready for Santa's arrival.  We stood guard by the tree in case Santa needed any help with his delivery!

KC kept an eye out for Rudolph & crew

Santa came!!!!

Luckily, Christmas Eve wasn't the only time that we got to spend with Sherrie, Ken & Abby.  As always, they joined us for Christmas day at Melissa's house and we managed to sneak in a mall adventure later in the week.  We thought the girls would like to go to Build-A-Bear and play, but apparently running wild through Nordstrom's also works!

Big cousin hug during our mall play-date!

Nick and his little ladies

The girls were ridiculously cute at the mall.  At one point, Nick and I were running after both of them as they ran screaming through the mall.  Multiple people stopped to ask if they were sisters and one woman even told us, "I could just take a picture of them - they are too cute!"

Georgia walking the Nordstrom's red carpet while Abby lounges!

Mind if I catch a ride with you, Abby?