Sunday, December 28, 2014

Year in Review - 2014 - There's a First Time For Everything

We kicked off the recap week with our travel adventures.  Today, I recap all the "FIRSTS" that happened this year.

First off, Georgia got to experience the beach!!  Granted, she put her toes in the Atlantic Ocean back in 2012 when we took our family trip to Atlantis in the Bahamas, but she was terrified of the sand and HATED every second of it.

This year, we took her to Hampton Beach in New Hampshire, where I grew up going to the beach.  And, she LOVED it!!!   Nick was so sad that he missed it, so we went back the very next day when he arrived from Maryland.  It was like a mini-beach vacation that week!

In her beloved Ariel bathing suit!

While we were home in New England, Georgia also played her first round of mini-golf

Already cheating at golf like her Daddy!

Speaking of summer adventures... Georgia also experienced her first trip to the dentist.  Initially, she was terrified and clung to me like a monkey, but eventually she settled in and was so brave!  It might help that our dentist's son is in her class at school...

1st trip to see Dr. Liu

Last March, we took Georgia to her first circus.  She loved the elephants... and cotton candy... and snow cones!  I'm so glad I read online about checking out the pre-show, because that was fairly amazing too.

All the faces of G!

Not to be outdone by the big top, she also got to experience Cirque de Soleil this year.  I wasn't sure if she would sit still for the entire show, but she was fairly mesmerized!

"Frozen" was the second movie that Georgia ever saw in the movie theater.  It has managed to stick around our house ALL YEAR.  If we're not singing the songs in the car or playing with all our "Frozen" merchandise, then Georgia is requesting hairstyles from the movie.  Introducing, her first french braid...

Last winter brought lots of snow, but mostly in the form of 3-6 inches every other week or so.  AND THEN THE BIG ONE HAPPENED on Valentine's Day weekend!  We were forecast to get about a foot of snow, which is enough to majorly impact the DC region.  Instead, we woke up to closer to 2 feet of snow.  Georgia's first major snowstorm was fun for everyone... until she didn't want to come inside the house.

We avoided potty training like the plague for a few months, but luckily the kid can be easily bribed with skittles!  We decided to make the most of a 3 day weekend in January and pull the plug on diapers.  Thanks to another snowstorm, it turned into a 5 day weekend.  By day #6, she was off to daycare wearing her big girl panties!  I'll save the pics for her Sweet Sixteen party and her first boyfriend.

In September, Georgia attended her first concert at the National Zoo.  She had a blast dancing the night away to The Fray at Rock-n-Roar.  The only problem... she cried when it was all over.  Her first concert was a "roaring" success!

And this fall, Georgia signed up for her first soccer lessons with two of her good buddies from the neighborhood.  Sunday mornings in the early fall were spent watching her run around in a t-shirt and shorts (and carrying the soccer ball).  By late fall, we were bundled up in hats and gloves and G was kicking the ball like a champ!  The first ball and shin guards she ever picked out... pink... of course!

Hard to imagine that even when your kiddo is 3 years old, the year is STILL full of "firsts"...


Bettye Primm said...

Ooh! Those photos of Georgia at the beach look adorable! It looks like she had a lot of fun on that trip. Also, the glasses she wore on her first trip to the dentist fits her cute face perfectly. I'm glad she wasn't a handful on that day. It seems like her future visits to the dentist won't be a problem. Anyway, just make sure that little Georgia keeps brushing and flossing regularly. Cheers!

Bettye Primm @ Back Mountain Dental

Ted Grimmer said...

Wow! Those are a lot of amazing first time experiences for Georgia. And it seems like she enjoyed every bit of it. And speaking of first times, it’s nice to know that she managed to stay brave throughout her first dental experience! I guess one first time that you wouldn’t want her to experience is having cavities, no? Haha! Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us, Jenn. Have a great day!

Ted Grimmer @ Cody Dental Group

Milton Wilson said...

You guys seem to have had an amazing year! It's also great that your daughter does well at the dental office. I know for many adults, it is difficult to go regularly and part of this has to due with not going often enough as kids. I love all of the photos that you have posted and look forward to reading more.

Milton Wilson @ A+ Family Dentistry