Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend 2014...

Does anyone else feel like Thanksgiving was sort of ignored this year?  It's like most of the world jumped right from Halloween to Christmas this year without taking a breath.  

Luckily, we were forced to slow down a little last weekend and enjoy our Thanksgiving weekend.  It felt AMAZING to get 4 days at home!

When I picked up Georgia from school last Tuesday evening, she was pretty excited about the Thanksgiving hat she had decorated.  BUT... she didn't want to wear it out of school because she wanted ME to wear it out of school!  No problem, kiddo.

Instagram fun!

While I was at work on Wednesday, things got exciting weather-wise here in MD and the white flakes started to fly.  Thankfully, Nick was working from home because soon enough my phone was ringing to notify me that daycare was closing early because of the snow.  Nick zoomed over to get G, while I stayed at work and left after dismissal.  As soon as we got home, Georgia and I got baking!  We cooked three different batches of pumpkin whoopie pies for our Thanksgiving celebration - the regular version, a vegan version (several of the guests at our Thanksgiving dinner ate a very specific diet) and a Georgia-safe version.  

They were pretty terrific, if I do say so myself!

Due to the snow, the neighborhood 5K was cancelled, which changed my Thanksgiving morning plans!  So, instead of jogging around the neighborhood, I had to settle for a quick little jaunt on the treadmill while Georgia and Nick watched the parade on tv.

As I told my instagram followers... only 9,541 calories to go for the day!

While I baked off a few different versions of butternut squash (including this FABULOUS recipe), Nick got our little turkey dressed and ready for the day...

I found the dress online and JUST had to have it!

Soon we were off to Nick's aunt/uncle to celebrate the special day.  Georgia was pretty psyched to spend the day hanging out with Bennett!

Apparently the theme of this year's dinner was "show your tongue"?????

After dinner, we promised the kids a dip in the heated pool, which was a nice treat on a chilly November day.  The "Nicks" got sent into the pool with the kids...

Who knew Georgia was terrified of pool vacuums???

After drying out, pajamas were put on and some games were played.  Georgia was busy discovering "Battleship"...

I had an early bedtime after going through the Black Friday flyers.  Nick and Georgia left me a little treat for my earning morning shopping shenanigans...

Onto December and Christmas...

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