Saturday, December 13, 2014

December Favorites!

DECEMBER 2014!  (aka - Holiday edition)

WAHOO - my MOST favorite month of the year.  I absolutely love everything about this month... except door/bus duty on cold days!  Everything else is a win!

1 - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Thank goodness I was walking through Target a few weekends ago and spotted this Rudolph.  Long story, but last year, Mimi sent a Rudolph to Georgia and the little sucker played non-stop around this house for weeks.  Until it died.  And then we realized that there was no access to the battery pack inside his little chest.  AHHHH!  We started googling and couldn't find the same Rudolph anywhere.  Mimi was already on the hunt this holiday season when I spotted a display in Target.  I should have bought 10 of them!  We brought back Rudolph in style... with his buddy, Fred the elf!

Welcome back, Fred!

2 - My lucky "Let It Snow" sign
Nick bought this sign for me last year as part of my Christmas gift.  We ending up referring to it as our "magical sign" because the day it was delivered to the house (without my knowledge) was the day the flakes started to fly around here!  We had a crazy snowy winter last year... all thanks to my sign (or so we say!).  It is prominently displayed again this year and my fingers are crossed that the magic wasn't lost in storage all these months!

3 - Christmas Lights
Nick does an amazing job every year making sure the house is festive and all lit up.  He even has the lights on timers so they are turned on and glowing when Georgia and I pull into the house every night.  Nothing makes me happier than driving down our street and seeing our house shining bright!  We've already got plans to expand the display next year.  One day, we too shall be the Griswolds.

4 - Georgia's enthusiasm for Christmas this year!
Wow, what a difference a year makes!  Last year, Georgia liked Christmas.  She was into the lights and the pretty decorations.  This year, she LOVES it.  If she had her way, the Christmas tree would have gone up in October.  She was sooooo excited when we dragged up all the decorations and she was a great helper putting all the ornaments on the tree.  Everyday she asks me, "Is it Christmas?"  She loves to walk around the tree and touch all of her favorite ornaments.

Pajamas and ratty hair --- that's how we roll on Black Friday in this house!

5 - Our ornaments
I love that we add new ornaments to our tree every year and that they typically mean something special to us.  A few new favorites for this year...

Our Disney Trip and annual cookie bake ornaments

6 - My little baker
Speaking of Cookie Bake, Georgia has been the BEST helper with baking this holiday season.  She loves mixing stuff up, adding ingredients, and helping to decorate cookies.  I found a safe gingerbread mix at our local grocery store and some red and white frosting that she could eat.  She helped me roll them out, use the cookie cutter and puts LOTS of sprinkles on them.  

My little cookie monster - with frosting still stuck to her lips!!

7 - Holiday cards
Georgia and I love getting the mail each day when we arrive home.  We quickly toss all the catalogs to the side and search for the holiday cards that seem to be rolling in day after day.  Georgia especially loves all the picture cards with kids on them and I love seeing all my friends' kids getting bigger and bigger each year!

A few years back, I had no idea how to display all our cards.  Thankfully, Pinterest had some ideas.  I had Nick rig up some ribbon on hooks for us in the kitchen and we've been displaying all our incoming cards this way for several years now.  Last year, we almost had to add a 4th ribbon.  We love leaving the cards out throughout the winter season...

8 - My Snowmen Army
Like my mother, cousins and aunts, I've somehow managed to develop my own personal "snowmen army" over the years.  I love that each snowman is different - they come in all shapes and sizes.  Some glow.  Some play music.  Some are just plain cute!

9 - Peppermint EVERYTHING!
Tis the season to OD on the mint.  I made these oreo peppermint crunch cookies a few days ago for a neighborhood cookie exchange and they were a huge hit...

Original source: Inside Bru Crew Life

Every year, I make a few batches of Paula Deen's peppermint bark, break it up, put the pieces/chunks into pretty little clear bags and hand them out to co-workers.  However, Pinterest has so many other fun ideas.  I may have to try something new this year!

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