Thursday, November 13, 2014

November Favorites!


1 - Nick and I have a new favorite theater... the iPic Theater in Bethesda/Rockville officially opened a few weekends ago.  When Mimi was visiting at the end of October/beginning of November, Nick and I managed to squeeze in two different movie dates.  One of those nights coincided with opening night at the theater.  AMAZING!  As Nick declared, "We're never going to another movie theater again!"  It had massive comfortable seating and it served food/alcohol.  It was a one stop shop for dinner and a movie!  Who doesn't love watching a movie and sipping on sangria at the same time?!?!  My favorite part was that we reserved our seats ahead of time.  Seems like the place is a hit based on all the Facebook pictures I've seen of friends there over the past few weeks.

2 - Georgia's new favorite thing... hosting birthday parties for herself, her animals, us, visitors, etc.!  Sometimes these parties even involve candles.  Yes, we sing.  Everyone loves a birthday party (in their pajamas)...

We gave her a surprise right back.... trick candles that re-light!

3 - My new favorite thing is sleeping in on Sundays again!  For the past 8 weeks, Georgia had soccer.  But, that came to an end the first weekend in November.  Overall, it was a great experience.  She ended up making some great progress with kicking the ball and did an amazing job every week listening to Coach Alex and following directions! 

Kicking the ball with Mimi before her last class

Getting her trophy from Coach Alex!

4 - Oh KC.  As most people know, our 6 year old cat is not quite the nicest lady on the block.  She's mean to Georgia, who just wants to love on her.  But, the cat loves Nick and I.  As in total 100% devoted love.  Who else would get up with me at 6:15am and make sure that I'm putting my mascara on correctly???  If I don't let her in the bathroom, she slams herself up against the door and howls until I open the door.  For her devotion and dedication, KC makes me favorite list this month!

Up close and personal... way too early for this!

5 - I don't put too much thought into decorating for Thanksgiving.  Don't get me wrong, I like the holiday, but I honestly get more excited about Black Friday shopping than the turkey dinner.  Poor Thanksgiving gets sandwiched in between Halloween and Christmas, which are much bigger deals around here, especially in terms of decorating.  I have a few things that I put out ever year that are "place holders" after the jack-o-lanterns get put away and before the Christmas tree gets dragged out of the basement.  I think my favorite decoration is my fat turkey!

The only new addition to the sofa table for Thanksgiving are the pilgrims!  I keep out the same subway art and glittery pumpkins from September until the end of November.

6 - Girls on the Run is an amazing organization that I've been proud to be a part of for quite a few years.  I was introduced to the program about 5 years ago and have volunteered and helped run the 5K races alongside the kids since then.  This year, I stepped it up a notch and actually coached with some of my coworkers.  At most schools, the girls' parents help run the program.  That's not the case with our school, so the staff have really stepped up to embrace the program and devote their time and effort to making it a successful program for our girls.

The big 5K race for this fall's program is set for this Sunday.  Unfortunately, the weather looks to be QUITE chilly this year as the first cold front of the year pushed into Maryland mid-week and dropped temps far enough for some snow flakes to even fly tonight. 

My shirt is all set and ready to go for Sunday!

7 - And a special shout-out to our favorite daycare director, Miss Nicole.  She's been the director of Georgia's preschool since before Georgia was even born.  She's finally moving onto another endeavor and we wish her the best of luck, but she will certainly be missed!  We're hoping to convince her to come over and "catch up" with G via a babysitting gig here and there because she's the best and Georgia LOVES her!!

Until December (my MOST favorite month of the year!)...

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