Friday, November 7, 2014

"Frozen" Again...

It's only appropriate that after a 6 month or so leave of absence from our regular "Frozen"-programming, it's baaaaaaaaaaack!  With winter on the horizon, the return of "Frozen" arrived in the Maryland area.  This time, it came in the form of Disney on Ice's special "Frozen" show.  When the email came in from ticketmaster a few months back, I was tempted to delete and pretend I never saw it. But, after the 100th person asked if I was going to get tickets and forwarded me some link to the website, I caved.  

So, last weekend, off to Virginia we went... to the magical kingdom of Arendelle... on the campus of George Mason University!

I was feeling under the weather, but Georgia was so excited.  We also had amazing seats.  I impressed even myself.  

Did I mention that for $28, Elsa's magical snow wand could be all yours?!?!  I tried doing the math just sitting there waiting for the show to start... 

Every child in the building x $28 snow wand = DISNEY MILLIONS

If anyone is still debating as to whether or not to buy tickets, the show was very cute.  It was basically a recap of the entire movie in an abbreviated version.... on ice.

I will say that our 3 year-old enjoyed and liked the show.  The 5-7 year old girls around us LOVED the show.  As in, wore the costume, had the braids, etc.  One little girl in front of us put on a full Broadway inspired performance for 2 hours in costume and even had the white streak in her red braids just like Anna!!  Bravo, mom, bravo.

Way to hang in there, Daddy!

The real rock star of the show is Olaf!  Apparently everyone loves warm hugs.  I thought maybe Mick Jagger entered the building with Olaf due to the pure roar that went through the crowd when he first appeared on the ice.

Intermission provided Disney another opportunity to sell $25+ trinkets to the kiddies in the crowd while Mom's and Dad's everywhere groaned and handed over the Visa cards!

Georgia spotted an Olaf snow cone and JUST HAD TO HAVE IT!  She ate approximately 3 bites before handing it over to Nick for him to finish.

Like with her circus snow cone experience last winter... who needs a spoon?!?!

Intermission selfies

Before we knew it, the rest of the Disney crowd was joining Anna & Elsa on the ice for the finale spectacular.  The kids loved Mickey and Minnie.  Donald Duck practically got a standing ovation!  

Overall, pricey?  Yes, absolutely.  But watching her face during the show is always worth it.  She's not a get-up-and-dance-in-the-aisles type of kid (I'm looking at you, white streaked hair child in front of us with the over-achiever mother!).  Georgia definitely stares and analyzes everything that happens and THEN tells us how much she loved it on the ride home!

Taking it all in...

Until next time Disney on Ice...

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