Saturday, November 15, 2014

Dance Week - Part 1...

The theme in our house last week seemed to be tutus and tights...

A few weeks back I received a notice from a popular blog/website about an upcoming SugarPlum Tea Party at a local dance company, Metropolitan Ballet Theatre & Company.  The reviews from last year's event were amazing and tickets were expected to sell out quickly.  I emailed a co-worker who also has a young daughter and we decided that we'd try it out (not surprisingly, our husbands were DEVASTATED to be freed up on a Sunday morning and immediately made golf plans for the day).  

Although the reviews online from the previous year were fantastic, we still weren't sure what exactly we were walking into at the dance company.  The advertisement promised a ballet class, craft, "tea party," and meeting some of the characters from the Nutcracker.  Georgia and I watched some YouTube videos the night before so she could get a better idea of what exactly "The Nutcracker" was and who the characters were in the ballet.

When we arrived, the place was packed with cute little girls all wearing their favorite (mostly pink) dance outfits!  We were ushered into one of the dance studios that was set up with tables and craft/coloring activities.  Georgia loved decorating her wand...

After that, we moved into another dance studio where all the girls participated in a short ballet class.  I'm always impressed when Georgia follows directions, especially in a large group situation like that.  She was one of the youngest "ballerinas" on the floor, but she did a fairly good job doing what she was told.

My little ballerina in her favorite hot pink tutu



The most entertaining portion of the morning was when the girls ran through a ballet station obstacle course.  Interpreted by Georgia, this meant run and jump as fast as you can...


Once the dance lesson was complete, the girls transitioned back to the other dance studio and enjoyed their "tea party."  As always, I was prepared with a whole bag of safe treats for Georgia because I never know what is going to be served at events like this.  I was pleasantly surprised when they brought out a tray filled with little mini sandwiches, fruit, goldfish and teddy grahams.  Georgia inhaled a strawberry or two, some goldfish and teddies.  Eventually, a tray of beautiful pink cupcakes made its way to our table and Georgia begged for one.  Since I didn't know the ingredients we had to pass (which broke my heart a bit), but I quickly distracted her with some safe chocolate chip cookies I whipped out from my purse!

While the girls snacked, the ballet company's Nutcracker characters made the rounds and took pictures with the little girls.  

Georgia and Molly meeting the "Snow Queen!"

The morning wrapped up with a reading of The Nutcracker story to all the girls...

Where's Waldo/Georgia???

Overall, we thought it was a great local event!  It wasn't expensive, it encompassed a ton of different activities and kept the girls moving the entire time, and everyone had a ton of fun. It was a nice and simple introduction to The Nutcracker and we would definitely attend in future years!

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