Saturday, November 29, 2014

Big Girl Bed... The Final Stage!

Sorry for the delay in game, but we've been enjoying our Thanksgiving week, decorating the house for Christmas, and just relaxing!  Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  Back to our story...

A few weeks ago, I was getting Georgia out of bed and I realized that her mattress was drooping quite a bit in the middle.  Now, this could just be a result of the 3,987 stuffed animals that sleep with her nightly OR it's because we still have the same mattress in there from her crib days!  I mentioned the issue to Nick and we had a quick debate over whether we should buy a new mattress for the toddler bed or just move along to buy her a regular size mattress.  She hasn't been in the "toddler bed" stage for very long - it was only last May that we finally took away all of the crib slats.  For awhile we thought she'd be going to college in her crib since she loved it so much, never tried to climb out and has slept great for years!

This immediately led to a scramble to find the crib/bed manual because we remembered buying the transition pieces and bed rails, but we had no idea what SIZE the toddler bed/crib transitioned into for this next stage - twin, double, full - who remembers information like that almost 4 years later?!?  After some googling and emptying cabinets, we found our answer... full.

This is where I insert my bitter statement about how I went through high school, college and getting a masters degree all while sleeping in a twin size bed!   I was 23 years old and had just gotten my first full-time "real" job before I got a big girl bed!!

Looking back at Georgia's room over the years, there have been lots of milestones involving this crib.  Mimi bought it for Miss G while she was still safe in my tummy...

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* We evicted our loud little roommate into the sitting room is HERE
* Further eviction into her own bedroom is HERE
* She finally moved into her crib is HERE
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While Mimi was here in the beginning of November, Nick and I took advantage of her babysitting services and went looking at mattress options.  Lucky for us, a brand new mattress store opened up in the neighborhood plaza about a mile from the house, so we didn't have to go too far.  We came up with a few options and then brought Georgia with us the next day to get her opinion, which she did... of course!  The funniest part of this adventure was pulling up to the store with Georgia in the car and her declaring, "It's Sleepy's!" like we had just arrived at Disney World.  

  1. How does my child know what "Sleepy's" is???
  2. Can she read?
  3. Why is she sooooo excited about "Sleepy's"???

Once inside the store, Mimi wheeled and dealed with the sales guy and Georgia got an early Christmas present from her Mimi...  a new bed!  However, Georgia was in for a little shock later that night when her new bed was NOT yet in her room.  Nick and I had gone out to dinner and Mimi was babysitting, so Mimi had to explain through the tears that the new bed was ORDERED, but not at home yet.  

Last picture of Georgia with her toddler bed!

A few days later, Nick took my SUV up the street to pick up her new bed.  With the help of a neighbor, they got it all set up in her room and ready for her.  

Taking apart the toddler bed

Big girl bed in the making

Honestly, the whole transition happened so fast... and on a random Tuesday night... that I never even grabbed my real camera.  So, iPhone pics will have to tell the story!

Pretty impressed with the size of her new bed!

Bedding was another whole story... Given a few options, Georgia declared that she wanted "princess blankets."  The hard part with large beds with kids is finding appropriate bedding.  Most comforters were only in size twin.  Thank goodness for the internet and free in-store shipping.


Unfortunately, the extra bed rail that I ordered and purposefully had shipped through our Amazon Prime account wasn't delivered when it was supposed to be.  So, night #1 in her new (and very high) bed was without a rail.  So, we tucked her in as close to the wall as possible and hoped we didn't hear any loud thunk during the night.  Success in our world was that Georgia still slept great and didn't end up on the floor.  The bed rails arrived later that day, which was a good thing, since she seems to sleep right up against it ever since.

All tucked in!  Yes, that is purple light coming from under her bed.  Ask Nick - he rigged something under there!

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Dante Storey said...

The happiest moment in the life of every parent is to see their children happy and smiling. Georgia seems to be very excited and joyful about her big girl bed. She looks so comfortable and like a total boss while laying there. Your gorgeous daughter deserves wonderful things like that, indeed. Thanks for sharing that, Jenn! All the best to your family!

Dante Storey @ Healthy Bed Store