Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Three.... and a half!

It's official... as of today, we have a 3 1/2 year old.  EEEEEK!  Georgia is already asking what age she will be next.  Secretly, it breaks my heart.  She wants to be a big girl so badly and I kinda want to keep her this age forever.  

She's at the perfect age to give huge squeezy hugs and kisses.  Unprompted, she will declare that dinner is "Just awesome!"  She says the absolute funniest things some days and she cracks herself up.  Yesterday, she declared that her cousin, Bennett, is "such a good guy!"  I love that she wants to hug all her friends and teachers before she leaves school.  I adore that she has started saying that she wants to be a teacher when she gets big (wish I could say that is my influence, but it's really because she loves her teacher so much).  She loves cooking with me or Nick and wants to be a helper in any way possible.  She talks non-stop some days about any and everything!  If she is not talking, she is singing.  Even when she is up in her bed, she's talking to her animals or singing a favorite song.

She is such a little person now.  My favorite little person...

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