Friday, October 3, 2014

Seattle Bound...

Nick and I jetted off for a wedding in Seattle last weekend while Mimi arrived here in MD to watch G for the weekend.  Per usual, Georgia barely blinked as Nick and I headed out the door since her beloved Mimi was here to save the day.  I'm shocked she paused long enough to even give us a brief hug and kiss before immediately returning to Mimi world.  We ran out the door for the airport as I threw a list of all Georgia's weekend activities at Mimi!

Nick and I arrived on the west coast late Thursday night and checked into the beautiful Hotel Ballard, which was also the location of my friend's wedding.   Being east coasters, we were up nice and early on Friday morning thanks to the time change.  We woke up to drizzle, but the weather quickly cleared, so we headed out to explore the city (sidebar - we were clearly out-of-towners because we were the only people carrying umbrellas in the mist!).  Both Nick and I had visited Seattle previously, but hadn't been in about a decade.  First stops... coffee and Pike Place Market!

Top: Nick in front of the original Starbucks and my 1st Seattle iced coffee of the trip.
Bottom: Visiting Pike Place Market

We quickly met up with several of my high school friends who were already in town and we wandered around the market snacking and drinking as we caught up.  We even managed to sneak in a quick underground tour of Seattle before heading to another friend's house for dinner/drinks before the Friday night welcome event.  It was so great catching up with friends that I hadn't seen in 5-10 years!  In some ways, it seemed like no time had changed.  As one friend posted on Facebook after the weekend ended - we instantly reverted to the age/maturity of high schoolers.  After a great dinner, we headed back downtown for the welcome event at a local Ballard bar, Grog.  

Some of the best guys I know... and I've known them since they were 13/14 years old!

Like old times, we stayed out way too late and consumed way too many beverages, especially considering that most of us are old married parents these days.  More friends arrived late Friday night and joined in the fun as the night wrapped up.

Poor Gretchen - exhausted after 4 flights, but the boys forced her into going out to the bar instead of heading to bed!

Saturday morning was gorgeous.  Bright sunshine.  Warm weather.  Who are all these liars who keep saying that it rains all the time in Seattle?!?!  Nick and I enjoyed brunch and then headed down to the Space Needle to see if we could sneak a peek at Mt. Rainier (someone mentioned that it's only visible from the city about 80 days throughout the year).  

Not a cloud in the sky!

The view of Mt. Rainier wasn't amazing, but we did get a peak (pun intended) just above the cloud line off in the distance.

We came down from the Space Needle just in time to meet up with friends who managed to sleep in a bit later than us.  We discovered a Chihuly exhibit at the base of the Space Needle, so we declared that we all needed some "get cultured" time.  Nick and I have had the opportunity to see other Chihuly displays around the country and they never cease to amaze.  The garden and glass displays in Seattle were gorgeous.

My favorite picture from the day was of the glass flowers with the Space Needle in the backdrop...

Hours later and still not a cloud in the sky in "rainy" Seattle...

Of course, the boys could only handle so much culture before their true sides emerged.  I'm proud they kept it together for that long...

In good news... 1/3 looking at the camera isn't too bad.  At least Mike followed directions while Tweedle-dee (Brian) and Tweedle-dum (Vinay) goofed off in the background.

We wrapped up our morning/afternoon with another quick visit down to Pike Market to grab lunch and spent some time walking along Puget Sound.  Who knew that getting a sunburn was on the list of concerns for the day?!?!

We all headed back to Ballard for quick changes before we had to head rooftop for the wedding!

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