Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fall Fun in the Great Outdoors...

Our fall adventures continue here in Maryland as the leaves start to turn, the days get shorter, and the temperature starts to drop!  I covered a lot of our in-house fall decorating in my last October favorites post found HERE.  This little recap will cover some of our latest outdoor happenings...

Georgia and I hit up Summers Farm for her annual pumpkin patch field trip.  Last year, Nick got to accompany her on the field trip.  He was so impressed with the place that we went back a few weekends later as a family and we LOVED this local farm.  This year, Georgia's class got to go on a bus!  She may have been more excited about the bus part of the field trip than the farm, to be completely honest.  We beyond lucked out with the weather and managed to sneak in the trip under a very gray sky.  As we boarded the bus back to the school, the rain began to fall!

G adores her teachers from the "Grasshopper A" classroom!

Playing with the chimes

Corn maze!

Slide action

Getting her jump on with her buddy, Jayson!

Last weekend, Nick's company had a picnic at a local playground/park area.  Unfortunately, the winds were gusting consistently all day long.  We could have used a few more layers, but we made it work for a few hours and it was the perfect day for some kite flying fun...

The diva LOVES her sunglasses... even on a cloudy day!

Flying a kite

Talk about some crazy colors - bright green grass and a dark stormy sky!

Georgia was super psyched for the sack races!

The park had an amazing playground.  We'll definitely go back just to visit the slides and swings again!

My instagram photo of the day captured the perfect hair moment...

Grandpa Bruce was also in town last weekend, so Georgia took him to Butler's Farm on another chilly fall day to show him around...

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