Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Last Pool Day...

We took advantage of a very hot Labor Day last weekend to close out the official pool season here in our neighborhood.  Although the summer started off strong with lots of pool-day-weather, August was unusually cool, so we didn't spend as much time there recently.  Labor Day weekend changed that as it was blazing hot.  In fact, as of yesterday, we've had more 90+ days in September so far than we had for the entire month of August!

You know it's H-O-T when I look at my camera later and realize that all the photos I took came out blurry because of the steam factor.  Thank goodness for iPhone shots.

My blurry little swimmers...

All summer long, we've been working on floating and trying to get Georgia to doggy paddle around the shallow end.  She has been absolutely TERRIFIED of letting go and has attempted to drown whichever adult has been swimming with her.  She's been wearing her swimmies, but panics as soon as she can't touch the bottom.  Last week I had to chase her down as she started to backstroke away from me and instantly freaked out when she realized she was swimming.

After a few failed attempts in the shallows again on Labor Day, Nick took her to the deep end so that she could practice jumping into the water. 

Sooooo.... it might not be so much of "jumping in" vs falling into the pool while holding Daddy's hand!

G worked hard all day on bending her knees and pushing off from the pool deck!

Initially, Georgia wanted Nick or I to bring her to the ladder after every jump.  But, slowly, we backed away and without realizing it, she was legitimately SWIMMING to the ladder!!  

She was so proud of herself!!

By her final swim, she was actually singing WHILE swimming.... "I am doing doggy paddle!"

Of course, all this swimming action occurred on the last pool day of summer.  So, I guess it's back to swim lessons during the winter to keep up all these great skills that she just mastered.  If not, we'll be back to the starting gates in May.  Oh May, you seem so far away!!!

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