Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I'm Officially a Soccer Mom...

After an amazing night at Rock-n-Roar followed up with another exciting night watching the new Cirque de Soleil show at National Harbor, our weekend STILL wasn't over.  

On Sunday morning, we were up bright and early for our first ever day of soccer.  Georgia took soccer at her school last year as part of their supplementary program, but we never got to see her play and getting information about class from a then 2 year-old is fairly non-existent!

Thankfully, the day before class started, I re-read the welcome email so we hurried off to the local sporting goods store to pick up a soccer ball and shin guards (for 3-4 year olds?!?!?).  Georgia was fairly excited about the shopping trip  and was TOTALLY excited about her new fluorescent pink soccer ball and new pink shin guards that she picked out all on her own.  Those were fairly big decisions in her little world.

As we walked out of the house to head to the field, Georgia asked which car we were taking.  Nick gleefully declared, "Mama's car - it's officially a soccer-mom SUV now!"  The commute to soccer is about 15 houses away, so it was a quick trip in my new mom-mobile.  We arrived just as Georgia's two little neighborhood friends arrived so she had no trouble joining them on the field.  We were pretty proud of her since a lot of other kids needed a parent to help them or had to stay with them during the entire class.  Not Miss G - off she went with her buddies!  

Coach Alex got the kids together to distribute their new shirts and then they were off...

Ready to take the field!

Note the ball in her hands and not being kicked!

We've quickly learned that "soccer" with 3-4 year old children is more like herding cats.  At least 2-3 children are always headed in a different direction that everyone else.  We also think that Georgia may be a tad confused about soccer vs football because she seemed to do a lot of carrying around her ball vs kicking it!  

Gorgeous Sunday morning for our 1st ever soccer class!

Of course, our little social butterfly likes to take lots of time outs to chat with her buddies or to come visit us on the sidelines for a quick hug/kiss and water break!

Hanging with Connor!

Poor Coach Alex - not sure anyone is looking at him during team meeting!!

The class lasts about 40 minutes, which is just about the perfect time for this age group.  By the end, they were all wiped out!  

The best news - Georgia loved it.  We even went back for week #2 this weekend!

Yup - she even managed to get a little bit of a bloody nose in week #2!

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Jennine Stalder said...

Gosh! Georgia is so adorable. I want to pinch those cheeks. Hahaha! That little soccer team is really super cute. It's just so nice to see kids their age engaging in a sport that they enjoy. Anyway, their soccer outfit is really cute with those pink knee socks. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing about that fun day, Jenn! All the best!

Jennine Stalder @ UE Sports