Monday, September 1, 2014

Cookie Craze!

Thank goodness for 3 day weekends.  While we all survived the first week back to work and back to school, we all needed a few days to catch up on sleep, laundry and putting the house back together!  I may have taken a nap on Saturday at the same time as Georgia - we were all wiped.

One of the few highlights of this crazy week was coming home to a giant package from our friends at Enjoy Life Foods.  It's no secret that we are huge Enjoy Life fans.  They were one of the first snacks that I discovered back when Georgia was first diagnosed with food allergies.   All of our friends and family know that Georgia is a complete cocoa loco freak and could quite easily live on the bars if we allowed it.  She loves that they taste good and I love that they are free of the top 8 food allergens and made in a dedicated facility with no cross contamination risks.

Just in time for Back-to-School, Enjoy Life's crunchy cookies have gone through a packaging refresh.  They are still the same cookies that we know and love. In fact, Georgia may have eaten her body weight in crunchy cookies while we were at Disney World back in April, so we knew she was a fan of the recipe.  I'll always remember the joy on her face when the waitress dumped an entire handful of them on the table for dessert.  We're happy to report that they are still the same cookies, but with some fancy new packaging!  

Georgia wanted to dive right in when she spotted a box full of cookies!  Not surprisingly, she went right for the double chocolate flavor...

So, she may have eaten 2 or 3 packs of cookies BEFORE dinner that night.  Ooooops!  But who can deny a cute kiddo who wanted to try one of each flavor.  I may have helped with a bite or two here and there.  While G prefers the double chocolate, I'm a chocolate chip fan.

We immediately turned around and sent in a box of cookies to daycare the very next morning for them to keep for "special occasions."  As a food allergy mom, I have grown to despise birthday parties at school.  Although the school has a nut-free policy for lunch and snacks, parents are still allowed to bring in special treats for birthday parties.  Often, that means that Georgia is excluded as the cookies, cupcakes, etc. often contain dairy. Even though we are now experimenting with eating baked dairy, I'm still not comfortable trusting other parents' interpretations of food labels.  We left a box of cookies in her classroom just in time because my phone rang Friday at work and it was Georgia's teacher letting me know that a parent brought in a class treat.  She wasn't able to eat it, but she was able to eat her special cookies instead!!  Happy kid = happy mom.

***Enjoy Life Foods provided us with the products.  No other compensation was provided.  
The opinions are mine alone.***

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