Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cirque de Soleil - Amaluna in DC...

After an exciting night at the National Zoo celebrating Rock-n-Roar, we didn't have much time to recover before we were back in the city at National Harbor for another fun night... Cirque de Soleil!  Nick's aunt and uncle generously invited us to join their family for an awesome night watching "Amaluna," the latest Cirque show to visit the area.  

As we arrived for the show, we reminisced that the last Cirque show we saw at National Harbor was 5 years ago right after we got married.  Ironically, we also attended that show with Liz/Nick, who were also newlyweds at the same (much different experience than this show with each couple with a toddler in tow these days!).   

A rainy Saturday morning turned into a beautiful September evening in DC...

Mommy & Georgia

We arrived plenty early in order to enjoy the VIP lounge.  Nick and I indulged in lots of great snacks and drinks while Georgia loved looking through the program as we waited for the rest of the family to join us.  Georgia was so excited to spot Bennett!  Great cousin hugs commenced...

A year younger and I think Bennett is officially taller than her now!!

As we were entering the main tent to take our seats, a staff member was handing out popcorn and attempted to give some to Georgia.  I quickly tried to intervene and told her that she has a severe nut allergy.  I was thrilled when he told me that the popcorn was safe (cooked in coconut oil) since so many kids have nut allergies these days.  Thank you for understanding, Cirque de Soleil!!!  We were escorted to our seats right as the show started.  Georgia and Bennett even got massive cushion booster seats to help them see better!  

I was a tad nervous as to whether Georgia would be able to sit the entire time and be entertained by the performers, but she ended up totally engrossed (just like the rest of the family)...

Georgia, Nick, Susan, Malon, Nick, Bennett and Liz checking out the show!

The Cirque performances are always amazing!  As the lights came on for intermission, Georgia got so upset thinking that the show was over.  We had to spend five minutes convincing her that it was just a short break.  She was more excited when her and Bennett each got fancy mask souvenirs to take home!

Ready to join the troupe!

When the show ended, the fun hadn't ended for the night.  The Wilkus crew had rooms at the nearby Gaylord Resort, so we headed over there for dinner and a little birthday celebration for Susan and Luis.  

As soon as we got into the hotel, Georgia immediately spotted the new Capital Wheel out by the waterfront.  We knew we wouldn't have time to take a ride that evening, so we had to promise to come back very soon.  Poor Georgia stood at the window whispering "please, please, please" under her breath every time she saw it!

The view from the suite was gorgeous!  Bennett and Georgia loved running around after each other and kept checking out that giant glowing wheel in the distance.  After a rainy start to the morning, the weather cleared and the sunset that night was beautiful as the sun set over the Potomac River and Virginia.  Every news channel talked about the sunset that evening and we had a front row view to the show...

Mesmerized by the giant ferris wheel

My pretty girl

Before the night could end, we had to have some cake to celebrate the birthday folks.  Luckily, I found out about the cake plan the night before, so I managed to hunt up some frozen Georgia safe birthday cake that we had in the freezer from her 3rd birthday.  Good to know it stays that long and is still tasty a few months later!!

Yummo - chocolate cake!

Unfortunately, although we were invited to stay the night with everyone at the hotel, we had to head home because our weekend wasn't quite over yet and we had early morning plans for Sunday.  What a weekend!  Rock-n-Roar and Cirque de Soleil all within about 24 hours and it was only Saturday night.  One more day to go...

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