Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tourists at Home...

I love DC, but as nearby residents, we don't always take the time to visit the wonderful places and sights that the city has to offer.  Luckily, we get visitors!  This week we hosted "the boys," as Georgia refers to them.  She was thrilled to have her cousins staying at our house for the week.

Our first stop... the National Zoo.  All the animals cooperated and decided to take a peek at us as we took a peek at them!  We even got to see Bao Bao, our little panda cub, who will be celebrating his 1st birthday in the coming weeks.  He was quite a ham - climbing trees and tumbling about his enclosure.

The boys and Bao Bao

We also visited the zoo last summer during the Brodeur family visit.  How time flies...

When it comes to Matthew, Georgia is totally monkey-see-monkey-do...

During our visit last summer, Georgia took her first ever ride on a carousel.  Since then, she's had plenty of rides at carnivals, Disney World, etc.  She still gets a look of pure joy whenever she gets to jump aboard!

One of Georgia's favorite parts of the zoo is on the American Trail where visitors can take off their shoes and dip their toes into a tide pool.  When we first brought her to the zoo as a baby, she loved it.  Not much has changed...

The next day, we decided to view the city by both land and sea, so we jumped on a duck... the DC Ducks!  Unfortunately, the duck tour operator said that all the quackers were on back order, so we didn't get to quack the day away, but we did get to see lots of famous DC landmarks.

Capitol, Reagan National Airport, Washington Monument, and Matthew driving a duck in the Potomac!

We managed to get home in time for everyone to take a quick dip in the newest of the neighborhood pools.  Matthew quickly found a friend to play with and Nathan played lifeguard to Miss G...

For our final day of adventure, we headed out to the Udvar-Hazy Center at Dulles (aka - the OTHER Air and Space Museum).  The kids loved checking out all the airplanes, the space shuttle, and the IMAX movie.  Georgia was slightly disappointed that she couldn't find any of her favorite characters from "Planes."

Flying a cessna and landing a space shuttle!

However, the real fun for the day really began later that night when the whole crew headed over to the annual Montgomery County Agricultural Fair.  We bought tickets for the demolition derby thinking that the kids would love it, but I think the adults ended up enjoying themselves just as much... if not more!

Love the look she gives him - pure adoration!

Selfie fun

Family Fun!

Georgia is already missing her boys.  The first thing out of her mouth the day after they left was - "Oh no, I lost my boys!"  

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melissab said...

Such a great week- thank you! Love the guy photobombing us in the last group shot! :)