Thursday, August 7, 2014

Summer Snippets...

It's not August.  It's not August.  It's not August. 

Perhaps if I keep repeating it then it won't be true?!?! UGH - August.  As usual, the summer just flies by around here.

With only one more full week of summer vacation on the calendar, we're trying to sneak in as many fun activities as possible while reflecting back on all the adventures we've already had over the past few months.  It seems like just yesterday, Georgia was having her last official day of school for the 2013/2014 school year...

Last day of school picture as a Bumble Bee.  She's now in the Grasshopper class!

And then it was summer (be prepared for not the best photo quality, since most of these were taken on the go with my camera phone)...

Georgia did a great job during her first dentist appointment.  After some slight hesitation, including climbing up my body like a monkey, she settled in and let the dentist count and clean her teeth!  Our dentist's daughter is in Georgia's daycare class, so she's getting used to seeing him around now.

We've enjoyed lots of dinners on the deck.  Sometimes, we even spend the entire day in our jammies and THEN eat dinner on the deck!

We've gone hunting for lightning bugs!

Georgia pretended she was the prom queen while riding her favorite train at the Rio shopping center!

Georgia is my favorite shopping buddy!  Perhaps because she lets me dress her up and then take her picture???

Georgia loved visiting the carnival again this year.  We went with some of our neighbors and one of Georgia's little friends.  She loved dragging him around from ride to ride!

Guess who now DEMANDS that I do her hair like Elsa from "Frozen!"  If only she would stand still...

Little Miss Diva now steals my shoes.  I came out from blow drying my hair last week and this was what I saw.  She LOVES heels... the bigger, the better!

We are loving these little shopping carts at the new Harris Teeter in our neighborhood.  Georgia is thoroughly entertained driving around and collecting groceries (and running over a random shopper or two!).  Thank you to the kind lady who picked up the display case of oatmeal that Georgia knocked over behind me.

Checking out the construction on the new school in our neighborhood.  Georgia knows that when she turns 5, she can go to the BIG school!

Georgia loved going to the theater to see the newest "Planes" movie!

Georgia continues to love her water table.  That's 3 summers in a row that this cheap little table from Target has entertained her.  What a value!  It's always more fun when you wear your dress up skirts on the deck too!

We loved touring some of our local farms during the annual Farm Tours weekend.  Georgia fell in love with "Scout," who was lightning fast catching the balls that Georgia launched for him!

Georgia loved visiting East Rivendell farm.  After buying some carrots and potatoes, she helped me whip up a farm-to-table dinner at home this week!

This may not be a great picture of Georgia, but it may be one of my favorite pictures from the summer.  Focus in on the cat and not Georgia.  This is KC's ultimate nightmare... Georgia... with a water gun!  Poor KC - she juts wants to go out on the deck and chase bugs!  Georgia gives her enough anxiety.  Give the kid a water gun and KC's terrified.

Poor Kitten!

This kid has moves you've never seen...  Life is one big dance party for G!

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