Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Summer 2014 Recap...

This past Monday, Georgia and I both went back to full-time school schedules.  She was not pleased to figure out that the "weekend" is no longer 4 straight days.  She definitely inherited her daddy's sleeping skills because she is the grumpiest little grumpster when I wake her up in the mornings.  Her new boycotting naps at school is not making her a happy camper these days either.

As summer comes to an end and the days grow shorter, I always like to finish August with a recap post.  Partly, I think it is more to convince myself that we actually got things accomplished, that we had fun, and that we enjoyed the two free months that we had.  The time always flies by and it always seems like we didn't "do" everything we wanted to and we didn't "do" everything we said we were going to get done.  It seems like just minutes ago, I was writing our summer kick-off post.  So, without further adieu... OUR SUMMER:

We kicked off summer celebrating Georgia's favorite guy...

Father's Day 2014

Nick and I celebrated our 5th year anniversary by jetting off to the Bahamas for a quick weekend of scuba diving, eating/drinking, and frolicking on the beach!

Georgia spent the summer loving the pool and wanting to swim whenever and wherever she could.  She loved the new phase 2 swimming pool in our neighborhood so we spent the majority of our time there.  

Wearing her favorite bathing suit from this summer - Ariel!

We were only home from the Bahamas for about 24 hours when we discovered that the AC was broken in the house.  So, off to Massachusetts we went for the week to celebrate the 4th of July, help Auntie Sherrie/Uncle Ken/Abby move into their new home, and catch up with the family.  

Mimi and G in MA

Scenes from MA

4th of July - Live free or die!

One of my favorite parts about being home in MA was bringing Georgia to the beach that I grew up at when I was a kid.  She had a BLAST!  She loved it so much, we even went back for a second day.

My beach baby!

Nick was so excited to take Georgia for her first round of mini-golf this summer.  She was more excited to cheat at golf while Daddy battled to a tie with Uncle Andrew in their death match.

When we returned to Maryland in mid-July, Georgia and I tried to take advantage of the long, hot days to have as much fun as we could all over the place...

Visiting the farm and a baby lamb

Checking out the new "Planes" movie

New hairstyles from "Frozen," late nights at carnivals, my shopping buddy and lots of dinners on the deck

We also had a few very special appointments, including Georgia's first dentist appointment and her baked cheese challenge!  Since then, she's been loving her pizza and mac-n-cheese dinners.

July ended before we knew it and August managed to sneak into our lives again.  Nick and I jetted off to California for a family wedding while G hung out in MD with Mimi.

While we were only in CA for  abut 48 hours, we managed to squeeze in a quick visit to Big Basin Redwoods Park and grabbed some wine at a vineyard near Santa Cruz.  We also got our first ride on a private plane, which was quite a way to travel!

Jetting back to DC, the CA coast, giant redwoods and a quick selfie at the park

Before our next guests could arrive, we did a quick update in the guest bedroom and checked that off the house to-do list...

The paint was barely dry before the cousins invaded and Georgia enjoyed the week with "her boys."  We were all over DC - the zoo, the Capitol, the Potomac, the Smithsonian, etc.  We capped the visit off with some family demolition derby viewing!

Demo derby, swimming, DC duck tour, and National Zoo

So what is a girl to do on her final day of summer vacation???  Well, you deal with "problems" and get ready for day #1 of work...

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