Friday, August 15, 2014

Guest Bedroom Update..

Every season, I get a little itch to update some part of the house.  The list of home projects is never-ending, even though we've conquered more than our fair share the past few years.  My favorites include:

* Sitting Room Transformation
* Basement Transformation

Since we moved into the new house in April 0f 2011, we've slowly been working our way around the house finishing off rooms.  Next up... the guest bedroom (or as Georgia calls it, "Mimi's room!").  We really haven't touched the room since we moved in - same builder beige walls and our old comforter has called this room home for the past few years.  Mimi calls the room home every few weeks, but besides that, it's empty most of the time.  

Blah, blah, blah

Since the fall, I've been poking around Pinterest trying to figure out a color scheme for the room.  I noticed a trend - I started liking lots of rooms that had yellow/gray themes.  I picked up a comforter a few months back that fit that color scheme.  From there, I started picking up different pieces that I thought might go well in the room, as well as some paint chips to try to match up with the items. 

When we went to California last weekend, our painter, Papa Kevin, got to work painting the room Benjamin Moore Ashley Gray, which I would categorize in the "greige" spectrum of all the grays on the market.  

Benjamin Moore - Ashley Gray

I've been debating stripping and re-staining the furniture (which happens to be pieces from my childhood set!), but I think I may just buy a few new pieces and save myself (let's be honest, Nick) a whole lot of time and trouble!  Nick seemed to approve of that idea eagerly as he figured he is going to be the one finishing off furniture for me once I get bored after day #1.

And the almost-final result...

Chevron prints from Target

Wi-Fi password print inspired by Pinterest (and made by my ever-handy husband after I started yelling at my laptop!)

Print from HomeGoods and curtains from Bed, Bath and Beyond

Sunburst mirror from HomeGoods

Re-purposed shelf from basement

Kevin's next project... the guest bedroom bathroom.  I decided to take a suggestion from Benjamin Moore and use the coordinating color that went with the bedroom walls... Ansonia Peach.

Benjamin Moore - Ansonia Peach

Orange is a definite stretch outside my color zone.  I debated going with a coordinating yellow, but since we already have several yellow rooms, including the powder room on the main level, I wanted to step outside my comfort zone.  When I first saw it, my first thought was YIKES - BRIGHT ORANGE alert!  I thought it would be more a terra cotta/peach.  But, it's slowly growing on me.  Slowly...

Guest bathroom - Ansonia peach

The shelves have really helped soften the bright orange effect

As Kevin put it, this only leaves the other guest bedroom and the basement bathroom. Hmmmm... what project to conquer this fall/winter?!?!

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