Monday, August 25, 2014

Back to School 2014...

In the blink of an eye, summer is over and back to school we go.  Georgia had a boring weekend fighting off a cough with a low fever.  Five days back into full-time daycare and she got her first cold. It's always something!

As we start off the new school year, Georgia is in the Grasshopper A class at school.  She's lucky enough to have her best buddy/neighbor in the class with her.

It seemed to both Nick and I that Georgia seems so much more solid these days when we've been hauling her in and out of our cars.  Finally, we threw her onto the scale - 32.5!  Whoah.  That's a few pounds gained in just the past few months.  No doubt, the addition of pizza and macaroni and cheese into her diet is probably helping that number creep up!  She's also getting taller.  We always measure her height on one of our basement posts every August.  This year - officially 36 inches.  She was tall enough to go on some of the "bigger" rides at the county fair this year all by herself.  My baby is growing up... literally.

Summer 2014 - 36 inches (3 years old)
Summer 2013 - 33.75 inches (2 years old)
Summer 2012 - 29.75 inches (1 years old)

People warned us that three is worse than two in terms of behavior and the "terrible 2's."  In some ways, they were right.  In other ways, not so much.  We definitely don't spend half the time, or really ANY time, lately in time-out.  However, the whining never ends.  Life is a constant negotiation with someone whose basic response to absolutely everything is "Why?"  Bedtime is a struggle most nights as our little night owl hates going to bed and missing out on anything.  Morning is a struggle because (like Mommy/Daddy) she is not a morning person and hates getting out of bed.  We fear that nap time is slowly fading away.  Not good from a parental standpoint since we love those few hours on the weekend.

Georgia is a great helper.  She is KC's new BFF since we put her in charge of cat food distribution.  KC still doesn't trust her a bit, but she is starting to realize that you shouldn't bite the hand that feeds you... again, literally.

She still loves everything having to do with "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse."  Thankfully, the gals from "Frozen" have been put to rest for a little while.  Meaning, we don't watch the movie daily anymore.  However, anything having to do with "Frozen" merchandise is still a big hit.  

The water table is still a beloved investment that got played with all summer long.  Georgia also loved to help me water all the plants and pick our peppers and tomatoes daily.  However, she hates bugs and every single one of them is a deadly "bee" that could bite her at any second, in her eyes.  

Georgia still loves her iPad and would gladly play it all day, if we let her.  She loves to practice writing her letters on it, so from an educational point of view, at least she is learning!  She shocked me by writing a perfect uppercase /H/ in the driveway the other day.  She continues to do really well with her letters and has been practicing writing her name at school everyday.

Oh the words we hear these days.  Her latest is to exclaim, "OH MY GOD!" about absolutely nothing.  She also likes to add a /y/ to everything lately.  Ex. "It's coldy cold out."  "Look at my footy foot!"  "I need some milky milk."  The conversations in this house are endless.

Favorite snacks now include some old favorites like Goldfish, Nutrigrain bars, Enjoy Life bars, Lorna Doone cookies (we call her an "old lady!" for that one), Annie's gummy bunnies, and anything chocolate.  She prefers water over milk these days, but we can bribe her with chocolate milk, which is a still a mix of her rice and coconut milks (Thank goodness, So Delicious has a chocolate coconut milk version).  Mimi's chocolate chip cookies direct from the gallon bag in the freezer are still her favorite dessert post-dinner.

Our little swimmer loved the pool all summer.  It wasn't as hot as previous summers, so we didn't even make it to the splash park this year.  Auntie Melissa, Nathan and Matthew witnessed Georgia's first legit swimming experience as she accidentally floated away into deep water at the neighborhood pool last week.  Since there were approximately 10 adults, including myself and the lifeguard within 3 feet, it was more a pretty funny moment.  She was so excited as she started screaming, "I'm swimming!!  I'm swimming!!"  And then she panicked and realized she was REALLY swimming, as I jumped in to tow her back to the shallows.   We definitely need to start up swim lessons again sometime before next summer.  We start soccer in the neighborhood in a few weeks and we'll probably do dance at school again this year.

Let's hope for a great year!

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