Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Farm Days of Summer...

As the days of summer start to dwindle and the days get shorter, Georgia and I are trying to enjoy every second that is left of our days at home.  I realized last week that I had a Certifikid that was going to expire to Green Meadows Petting Farm, so off we went for a little farm trip last week.  It wasn't our first trip to the farm as we had also checked them out last fall.

Beautiful day at the farm

Fall 2013 vs Summer 2014

Talk about great timing... as we arrived Farmer Charlie was just starting a farm tour!  We got to meet (and pet) a turkey named Mr. Brown and then we got to meet some guinea fowls, who checked us out from the roof of their little shed.

After that, we got to check out the dairy barn and meet some adorable baby cows!

Petting the baby cow

Then we got to check out the piglets and they were BEYOND cute.  I definitely had a favorite - can you guess which one?!?

Don't even ask about the new "Frozen" hair!  I love when I'm told that I just HAVE to do her hair like Elsa every morning!

In my head, I'm hearing the lyrics... "One of these is NOT like the others...."

We checked out all the other animals on the farm - the donkey, horses, kangaroo, chicks, etc.  But, our favorite was the 3 week old baby lamb named Angel.  He was so soft and super friendly.  He tried to eat my backpack and my shorts!  The little guy was also fast.  At one point, he made a break for it and jumped out of his pen.  I'm sure the good folks at Green Meadow enjoyed the security footage of me chasing the baby lamb across the field and scooping the little guy up to return him to his pen!

Georgia & Angel

Hello little buddy!

Overall, it was a great day to run around the farm to play and pet all the baby animals!

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