Monday, July 14, 2014

Family Time in MA...

Georgia and I had lots of people to catch up with once we arrived in Massachusetts and we immediately had lots of visitors at Mimi's house...

Hugs for Mimi

Visiting with Auntie Pat

Showing Mimi how tall and strong she has gotten!

The real fun started when Auntie Lisa stopped by and it was time to water the grass.  Georgia convinced Auntie Lisa that running through the sprinkler was a great idea!

Luckily, all that running around and playing in combination with a very long car ride made for a wiped out girl by the end of the day.  Although she complained when I put her down for bed that night, I looked at the monitor a few minutes later and she was out cold... in a very lady-like fashion!

Best news... she slept in until almost 9am!

The next morning, we headed off to church in Nashua since Uncle Roger was saying mass.  Georgia did a great job during a long mass and she was so excited when she spotted her big cousins a few pews in front of us!  I was excited to see them too until I learned that my oldest godson is now taller than me.  SOB!!!  I knew the day was coming and I'm fairly certain he's going to tower over with me any day, but still...

Nathan is loving every second of being taller than me!

Flashback to when I was taller than him in recent years...

After mass, we headed back to Aunt Elaine's house to eat, chat, and catch up.  

Auntie & G

Brunch with the ladies!

Celebrating Matthew's birthday

Flashback 5 years ago when the "little guy" celebrated his birthday during Nick and I's wedding reception...

Or another one of my favorite pics - when Matthew turned 2 years old and sitting in coolers was all the rage!  How time flies...

The absolute highlight of Georgia's day was that Murphy got to go in OUR car for a short ride down the street to Auntie's house.  Georgia was beside herself with glee and narrated absolutely every single thing that he did during our short ride.  "Murphy's looking out the window!"  "Murphy is looking at me!"  "Murphy is licking my hand!"  Pure joy!!!

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