Friday, July 18, 2014

Beachin' It!

With the forecast scheduled to be HOT and HUMID while we were in MA, we decided that a beach day was the perfect way to cool down.  Growing up, we always went to Hampton Beach across the border in New Hampshire.  It's a huge beach with lots of arcades and kid-friendly shops and stores.  

Georgia hadn't been in the sand since our Bahamas trip when she was 19 months and she was NOT a fan!  So, we weren't sure what to expect.  In good news, she loved it...

Low tide in the AM

First dip in the COLD Atlantic!


G had a blast playing in the sand with her bucket and shovel.  

But the real fun started when the tide started coming in and the waves grew in size.  She loved sitting in the breakers getting knocked over time and time again and spun around in the surf.

Getting knocked around

I can't remember the last time I saw my Mom in the freezing cold water at Hampton Beach.  Mimi is more of a dip-your-toe-in kind of lady.  But when your granddaughter drags you in, you don't argue... even when you can't feel your toes!

Having a blast!

Jumpin' in the waves!

One of the things I love most about Georgia is that she is so outgoing and social, especially with other kids, especially older kids.  She immediately found another little girl to play with on the beach.  Once this girl started running in and out of the breakers, Georgia jumped right in too.

We had to take a few snack breaks and a lunch break, but mainly, Georgia just wanted to jump in the waves and play!  Who needs a nap when the water is calling your name?!?  She is such a water bug!

Not happy that she was forced to take a break, but more than happy to eat an entire box of crackers!

Lunch break

After lunch, it was right back into the water...

However, when the tide comes in, so does more cold water!

"Cold, Mama!"

All in all, a great beach day!  In fact, it was so great that when Nick arrived from Maryland later that night, we planned another beach day for the very next day...

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