Monday, July 21, 2014

Beachin' It... Repeat!

Since we had so much fun at the beach, we decided to repeat the whole day again!  Nick finally arrived in Massachusetts late Wednesday night and Georgia was thrilled to wake up and see her Daddy after a few days away.  

Checking the weather in the back yard to see if it was good beach weather!

We quickly packed up the car again and headed back to the beach.  Unfortunately, the beach was covered in haze and dark clouds.  That didn't stop us from exploring the tide pools to find lots of baby crabs...

Nick was braver than any of us and decided to take a quick dip while the rest of us shivered on shore just watching him run into the water!

Where'd he go?!?!

At one point, we thought Georgia might actually relax on the blanket and take a quick snooze, but she rallied and quickly was back to her energetic self!

Sleepy girl

As the tide started coming in, it brought with it chilly winds from the ocean.  Thankfully, Mimi always comes prepared with sweatshirts for the beach because bad Mommy didn't pack anything!

Modeling Mimi's sweatshirt

The Brodeur crew decided to join us at the beach after soccer camp.  Luckily, they brought the sunshine with them too!  G loved digging with her cousins and watching them surf in the breakers...

Making a castle with Nathan

Matthew playing around

One of my favorite pics of the day is the look of pure pain on Nick's face while playing with Matthew in the surf.  The water temp is really something that has to be felt to be believed!

Is this fun yet?!?

We were so excited to get a few beach days in while we were home.  The beach is about 3 hours from our house in MD, so it's rare that we get out to the shore during the summer.  Two back-to-back ocean days were awesome.  If only the water was a TAD warmer...

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