Saturday, July 12, 2014

And Then the AC Broke...

So after an amazing weekend in the Bahamas and about 24 hours after transitioning back to reality in MD, we realized that our air conditioning unit was not quite cooling the house in its typical fashion.  Since the mid-Atlantic in July is roughly 10,000 degrees daily, you feel the impact of no air conditioning fairly quickly.  As most home "emergencies" seem to take place in the evening, we discovered the problem around 11pm on a Wednesday evening.  Nick did his best good-husband-routine and went outside to examine the unit to figure out if there was a quick fix.  After a few minutes of probing around with a flashlight in the back yard, he declared that we were going to have to call a repair company.  After consulting our home warranty manual, we discovered that the AC unit was only covered for 2 years.  Happy 3 year home ownership to us!!

Wednesday night and Thursday morning were quite toasty in our house.  We love AC and tend to have it blasting all summer long, so sleeping without it made for quite a long night.  We sent Georgia to daycare on Thursday to stay cool as we waited for the repair company to arrive.  I dug out every fan we ever owned from storage and closed every blind and curtain in the house.  Fairly certain the neighbors must have thought we started some illegal business in our house as we closed up shop and attempted to keep the cold air in and the hot air out.  

At 4pm, the repair guy showed up and I've never been so happy to see someone at my door!  Nick and I greeted him like he was a long lost conquering hero.  We attempted to bribe him with food and drink, but he still declared the unit officially broken and he needed to order a part to fix it.  Unfortunately, the closest part was in Ohio and would need to be shipped on Friday.... which meant the repair company would be back on Monday.  Thank goodness this guy wasn't a government official because I definitely attempted to bribe him to get that part overnight shipped on Thursday evening instead of waiting for Friday morning.  His reply was that he wasn't even sure that the part was going to make the air conditioning unit work when it did arrive.    

I made an executive decision that there was no way I was waiting around in a hot/humid house for an entire weekend to see if the part would actually work!  So, I called MA and told the family that Georgia and I would be headed north ASAP.  Road trip!!

Adios, Maryland!!  Hola, Massachusetts!!

**On a side note, we owe a huge thanks to some neighbors who heard about our little issue and brought down two huge cooling units for us to borrow.  Thank goodness for these two units because they made sleeping bearable for the nights that we were without AC!!**

The best part of the air conditioning story is that Nick managed to fix the unit himself.  Huge shout out to Amazon Prime shipping which managed to get the part here before the AC repair company could get it from Ohio.  Nick ordered the part right after the repairman left on Wednesday evening and by Saturday morning, it was on our doorstep.  Nick googled a video on YouTube how to fix the AC and as Georgia and I were cruising through Connecticut, I got the text from him that he managed to fix it.  WHAT?!?!?!  His exact quote was, "Happy anniversary."  Yup, I ditched my husband on our 5th anniversary in favor of air conditioning.  True story.  Not even ashamed.... not even a little bit.  The best gift he has even given me on an anniversary!

I still got to celebrate my anniversary... at my Mom's house.  There was even a balloon greeting me when I pulled in the driveway...


Adam Payne said...

You know it's been a hot summer day when you're happy to see the AC repairman at your doorstep! Though it was unfortunate that the part had to be shipped from out of state. Well, while that's a good excuse to go to Massachusetts, thanks to the power of the internet, Nick fixed it up himself. A happy anniversary, indeed! Thanks for sharing!

Adam Payne @ Williams Mechanical

Harvey Chapman said...

Not getting your AC fixed right away might’ve been disappointing, but at least it gave Nick a chance to fix your AC unit on his own. Plus, it allowed you to take a leave and visit your mom. I hope it doesn't break down again any time soon. Take care!

Harvey Chapman @ Liberty Comfort Systems

Shelley Coday said...

Talk about being a handyman. You must've been grateful that Nick fixed the AC unit all by himself. I'm sure you saved up a lot because of that. Anyway, happy anniversary to the both of you. I might be a little too late, but you know what they say, better late than never, right? Hahaha! Thanks for sharing that, Jenn! All the best to you and your family!

Shelley Coday @ C & C Heating & Air Conditioning

Shelley Coday said...
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