Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sprinkler Action...

Life with a toddler can be quite the roller coaster ride from day to day.  You never know if you are going to get your crazy kid or your super loving/happy kid.  Most days we tend to go between the two like a never ending pendulum of back and forth emotions.  But every now and again, a "perfect day" comes along.  A day when the happy and the highs seem to outweigh the tantrums and pouts in spades.  On Memorial Day weekend, we managed to get one of those days.  In fact, we almost got a whole weekend of happy G!  It makes parenting (and life in general) so much easier.

Sporting a new bathing suit

Last summer, Georgia was absolutely terrified of the sprinkler.  She wanted nothing to do with it.  Even at the splash park, she really didn't want to be sprayed or go anywhere near flowing water.  The pool has always been a different story, but the sprinkler was a no-go.

On Memorial Day weekend, we pulled out the sprinkler again and figured she'd last a few minutes running around the backyard.  Instead... she lasted for a few hours and loved it!

Checking out the water action

Both my "kids" playing in the backyard

Taking a water break...

Enjoying a beautiful day!

Where did my baby go and who is this little girl who can just go up/down the stairs on her own?!?!

Everyone needs a freeze pop break while Mommy admires your whispy curls!

Wearing Daddy's sunglasses

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