Monday, June 2, 2014

May in Maryland...

After a frigid and snow-filled winter (trust me, the school teacher in me is NOT complaining!), it seems like everyone is rejoicing in the fact that spring has fully arrived to the mid-Atlantic. In some ways, we seem to have plowed right through spring and jumped right into summer weather.  Again, no complaints from us!

A quick recap of our May happenings...

Every Monday, our little ballerina still has dance class at school.  She LOVES wearing her leotard and tutu to class.  We used to send a change outfit for after class was over, but someone seemed to want to stay in her dance clothes all day long.  Tights included!  She is still the only "little girl" in her class, so she loves hanging with the big girls on Mondays...

Long warm afternoons in the sunshine mean that we are finally not trapped in the house until dinner.  Don't tell anyone, but I don't think I've seen "Frozen" this week at all!!!  I'm starting to miss Olaf...

Hanging out with the neighbors on the front steps

Scooter babe!


We seem to be living on the deck these days squeezing in every little drop of sunshine...


Because really... who DOESN'T want to go sliding in their Disney nightgown while wearing one of her birthday hats from their party over a a year ago?!?!

Another season of co-ed elementary school league softball ended this week.  Sometimes I wonder why I'm still out there running around with the "kids" (aka - the 20-somethings on the team).  But then I hit a double in a big game and rack up a bunch of RBI's in the final few games of the season and I remember that this old body still has a few good hits left in it.  Unfortunately, we lost in the playoffs (after winning our division), but it was another great season for GES softball.  We truly are a "money ball" team!

The firepit has gotten a ton of use over the past few weekends.  Nick and I've sat out most nights reading, star-gazing, and enjoying a cold beverage and a s'more while relaxing by the fire...

Cuddling with my little lady

Earlier in the month, we celebrated Mother's Day.  Nick and Georgia took me out for a yummy lunch and then I got sent to Red Door Spa for the afternoon!

My loves!

Showing off the dress that Daddy picked out for her to wear!

Looking all grown up and more like a little lady every day!

Love those curls.  As the weather heats up, we see more and more of them!

Determined to do it "all by myself!"

We also celebrated Nick's 36th birthday in mid-May.  We took him out to our favorite Greek/Turkish/Lebanese place up in Frederick.  Best part - I raved about the brussel sprouts so much to the waiter that he managed to get me the recipe from the chef!!  The food is so good that Georgia ate every single noodle on her plate.  With a live band playing and a warm breeze blowing while we enjoyed dinner on their patio, Ayse Meze is one of our favorite spots to be on a Saturday night!

We took a few selfies while we waited to leave for dinner...

Happy birthday, Daddy!

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