Saturday, May 24, 2014

Is She Four Yet?!?! The FINAL Birthday Wrap-Up...

It's been a slow blogging week due to... well... life!  It was a great week with lots of fun activities.  Nick was in Texas for work all last week, so we're still catching up on stuff around the house and in the yard.  Work is insane with 3 weeks to go until summer vacation.  I've been a report writing machine most nights just trying to get everything done.  With all that, I still managed to squeeze in dinner out with a few co-workers/teammates that I hadn't seen in several years.  On Friday, our softball team advanced to the playoffs in a due-or-die game and I finally had a great hitting game and knocked in a few RBIs with my best hit of the season - This old body still has it (somewhat - my hamstring isn't happy today)!  Nick and I celebrated at happy hour, with Georgia and the team and then came home to check out the meteor show that didn't quite happen like predicted.  I'm glad we didn't stay up too late since we all seem to be battling a spring cold/allergies.

The weather has officially become spring/summer here in MD, which means a few of my absolute favorite activities are back - sitting on the deck late at night reading/relaxing/catching up on tv shows on the laptop and our nightly evening walks after dinner.  Since those June nights in 2011 after Georgia came home from the NICU, we've loved our family walks around the neighborhood after dinner!

Wahoo for after dinner walks and beautiful summer nights!

It feels like we've been celebrating Georgia's birthday for months at this point and I still haven't recapped the child's ACTUAL birthday party... So here goes!

Nick and I snuck out a few nights before the party to pick up balloons and party supplies.  Georgia was beyond thrilled to wake up to a house filled with balloons!  In fact, that could have been the extent of the party and she would have been thrilled with life.

Mickey & Minnie!!

Checking out her balloons with Mimi, who flew in for the party!

Last year, I was much more adventurous and made a cake and cupcakes for Georgia's party.  This year, I went back to using the person who made Georgia's 1st birthday party cake.  I just didn't have the time this year with so much going on the past few weeks, including Nick and I attending a bar mitzvah the night before the party.  As usual, Jan's Cakes did an amazing job and everyone raved about the cake.  If you are in Montgomery County and need a cake, check out Jan.  Best part - she delivers!!  She even made a smaller cake for Georgia to ensure no cross contamination with dairy or nuts.  I've been passing along her website and contact info to everyone I know.  The cake was called "Tuxedo Decadence" --- alternating layers of dark chocolate and vanilla butter cake with light chocolate Oreo and vanilla Oreo buttercream.  YUMMO!  There are definitely a few slices stocked away in the freezer when a cake craving hits us this summer.

The bow was made out of rice krispie treats!!!

Georgia's mini cake just for her!

Of course, it's not a party without a few decorations...

Since Georgia has been Minnie/Mickey obsessed for the past 6 months or so, our theme was pretty easy to pick this year!  Thankfully, it was much easier to find items for that theme after last year's desperate search for anything Bubble Guppies related!

Georgia's grape skewers; Pink buckets for our little lady attendees and red for the boys; Popcorn goodies; Drink buffett

Ready for her party!

Of course, we had plenty of yummy treats!!  Thank goodness for Etsy and all the wonderful ideas, like Donald's Drink Bar, Hot Diggity Hot Dogs, Pluto's Popcorn, etc.  If you're looking for any of the paper products, check out the seller, Oohlalovely on Etsy.  

Nick may have wanted to kill me when I made him cut out all the rice krispie treats using a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter for our "Mouse Krispie Treats"

No party is complete without lots of friends and family to join in on the fun.  Thank you to everyone who joined us for Georgia's party, including all her little friends from the neighborhood and school!

Loving her "3" balloon!

I've figured out the key to rounding up a group of kids quickly - just yell, "Cake time!!"

Those trick candles were still a hit...

Tastes great!!

The little diva definitely enjoyed her party!

After our guests left, Georgia relaxed for a bit in lieu of a nap and then had a blast unwrapping all of her presents.  It was non-stop gift opening all week long.  Thank you to all of our friends and family for all the cards and presents that arrived from near and far.  Georgia is one lucky and blessed little girl.  

Thanking Mimi for her new bike!

Loving her new baby elephant, Winks, from Papa; New Bubble Guppies stickers; Checking out a new book; Digging into a bag

Lots of new clothes, books and toys!

Of course, Georgia wanted to open every present and start playing with toys immediately!

Checking out her new ride

New princess playdough from Becky, Conrad & Baby John!

The birthday girl

Mimi & G having a "birthday party" for her beloved friend, Looch the dog!

It must have been a memorable day because she was still singing "Happy birthday" to herself later that night... for quite awhile!

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