Thursday, May 29, 2014

Food Allergy Update...

I haven't written an updated food allergy post in quite awhile, so here's the latest and greatest news on that front.  But first, a little review on where we've come from:

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In January, we went back for our latest round of blood work, which also included specific nuts for the first time.  Results were:
* Pistachio - Negative 
* Pineapple - Negative
* Almond - Negative
* Egg White - 1.48 (considered a moderate reaction)
* Egg Yolk - Negative
* Hazelnut - Negative
* Milk - 9.00 (considered a high reaction)
* Peanut - 30.00 (considered a very high reaction)
* Pecan - Negative

The best news from that round of blood work was that all of her numbers went down from previous testing.

When we initially tested milk/dairy back in June of 2012, Georgia was at a level 16.  Six months later in January of 2013, she was a 14.4.  Now, a year later, she's at a level 9.

When we initially tested egg back in June of 2012, Georgia was at a level 16.7.  Six months later in January of 2013, she was a 5.3.  Now, a year later, she's at a level 1.48.  

When we initially tested peanuts back in June of 2012, Georgia was a level 12.6.  Six months later in January of 2013, it skyrocketed to 38.4.  Now, a year later, she's at a level 30.00. 

Since all of her levels went down, the office decided to do a scratch test on her skin for the first time ever.  Here's where things get REALLY confusing because her skin showed reactions to egg, milk, walnut, and pistachio.  It showed negative to pineapple, almond, cashew and pecan.   BUT... her neutral was also positive!!!  So, that scratch test had to basically be thrown out because her neutral also showed a reaction.  She has crazy sensitive skin, so they think that also played a role.  The only clarity we got from the combination of blood/skin testing is that she is most likely not allergic to pineapple (which was only mild anyway).  We weren't surprised by the milk and egg skin reactions.  The most confusing was that pistachio came up negative on blood work, but positive on her skin?!?

When I chatted with her allergist (who I ADORE), her summary was that she thinks that Georgia is slowly outgrowing her egg and milk allergies and most likely will grow out of them at some point down the line.  Her recommendation is that we continue to give her baked eggs in products, which has been successful for the past year or so.  The recommendation that most surprised me was that she wanted us to do a baked milk challenge in her office.  We weren't able to schedule an appointment for that until after our Disney trip.

Fast-forward several months and Georgia and I went in for her baked milk challenge, which included feeding Georgia pieces of home-made brownie and goldfish over the course of several hours.  Georgia was in absolute heaven!  She did amazing.  The office staff kept complimenting her on how well-behaved she was and what a great job she was doing (thank you, iPad!).  She ate an entire brownie, as well as a handful of goldfish.  

She officially passed her baked milk challenge!!!  

No hives, no reaction, nothing.  We left the office with a recommendation to start giving Georgia small pieces of baked dairy here and there and monitor her progress for the next few months.  It was so odd purposefully buying products with milk in them while grocery shopping.  It went against everything I've done for the past few years.

Since then, Georgia has been having baked milk in products and NO REACTIONS!  She's had brownies, goldfish, Cheeze-it, chips, Eggo waffles for breakfast, etc.  Everything has gone amazingly well.  Next step, baked cheese challenge in the allergist's office in July.  Yup, she will get to eat a slice of real pizza for the first time ever.  As always, baby steps.  

My goal has and always will be - get her to kindergarten with no allergies except to peanuts.  Two years to go...

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