Monday, May 12, 2014

Final Disney Day.... Epcot!

For our final day in Florida, we jumped on the monorail and headed for Epcot for the day.  I'm not even sure we needed to go to any of the parks.  Georgia would have been more than happy with just riding the monorail all day long.

Early morning #5 and we finally conquered that toddler energy!

Just kidding - she is up and ready for the day!

We weren't sure what to expect with crowds since it was also Easter Sunday.  Again, we managed to be there as the park opened and there appeared to be a huge crowd ready to head into Epcot for the holiday.  Our only disappointment was learning that Anna and Elsa from "Frozen" were not in the park that day!  Bummer.  However, the International Flower and Garden Festival was occurring at Epcot during our stay, so we were able to check out all the beautiful flowers and sculptures around the park.

View from the monorail as we arrived at Epcot

Beautiful butterflies

Since it was Easter Sunday, I figured if we weren't going to sport Minnie or Mickey ears, then maybe we should at least sport some bunny ears???

Hopping into Epcot for the day

The family that sports ears together, stays together???

Jenn Victory #1 of the day = Getting Nick to wear bunny ears in public

I should have made them wear bunny tails!

Before we headed into the park, I made Nick and Georgia take some iconic Epcot photos in front of the giant ball and they are some of my favorite pictures from the trip.

How can you not love those faces???

We immediately headed to Test Track after we entered the park.  Georgia was beyond upset that she wasn't tall enough for the ride.  I don't blame her - she would have loved the ride.  Nick and I got to design our own car and take it for a little spin on the track!  While we were on that side of the park, Nick and I also managed to hit up Mission Space.  It was the only ride from the week that I think I would skip the next time around.  Holy dizziness!  I can see why there are so many warnings as you are walking onto that ride.  They aren't kidding around.

Since Mommy/Daddy got a few morning rides in during the extra magic hour, we decided to focus on G for a bit and took her over to the "new" Nemo ride.  

As cute as the Nemo ride was, we loved the area outside the ride, especially the aquarium tanks with all the fish.  Georgia loved checking out all the tanks, especially the manatees...

Just hanging out with Bruce the shark!

We LOVED the Turtle Talk with Crush show in the same area.  Crush was hysterical and Georgia was quite punchy.  She was quite entertaining yelling out things at him!  She may have been one of the youngest kids in the group, but she wasn't the least bit shy to introduce herself to the other kids or scream out, "It's my birthday" a few dozen times.  

Tip #31 -- Even if you don't have young kids, don't skip out on the Crush show!  He was cute AND funny!

After Nemo, Nick and I had a FastPass+ reservation for Soarin, which may be up there as one of my favorite Disney rides.  I loved the feeling or flying through the air!  

While Nick and I soared through the sky, we used one of Mimi's FastPass+ reservations to skip the line and take Georgia to see the characters at Epcot.  We left Georgia with Mimi knowing that the characters would either go amazingly well or poorly depending upon her mood.  Luckily, G was in high spirits and when we reunited,  Mimi shared that G did amazing.  She ran right up to the characters to give them big hugs and Minnie even got everyone to sing "happy birthday" to G!

Goofy and Mickey were there too!

Apparently she gave a great big hug to Goofy!

Great pic of G with the big guy!!

After a few more rides, we decided to take a mid-morning snack break.  And then I had a moment of bliss - I found the same ice coffee stand from Animal Kingdom at Epcot!  WAHOO!!!  What is in that stuff?!?  It's beyond amazing.

Mimi brought a few Easter novelties of her own to Epcot - Easter bunny masks!  We were highly entertained during our snack break...

Georgia & Mimi (and G's beloved dinner rolls!)

After a few more rides, we decided it was time to head back for a quick rest and to do some packing before our dinner reservation back at Epcot.  Our final ride was in Spaceship Earth (aka - the giant Epcot ball).  Georgia really liked the ride and LOVED the funny photos that they take and show you during the ride...

Time certainly does fly at Epcot!  We were looking forward to dinner and their nightly fireworks/laser light show later that evening after a short break...

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