Friday, May 2, 2014

Castle Dinner...

More Georgia birthday updates after the weekend, but for now, back to Florida...

After a nice nap, we jumped back on the monorail to head to our exciting dinner reservation for the night... Cinderella's Royal Table in the Magic Kingdom.  Interestingly, lots of people told me that it would be virtually impossible to get a reservation at this restaurant in the heart of the Magic Kingdom.  However, we either got lucky or really lucky, because we had a few different options for dinner reservations with Cinderella!

Tip #17 -- You can book dining reservations without having bought your tickets to the park or even booked a hotel or flight yet.  So, if you are even thinking about going a certain week, start searching for reservations on the Disney website.

Practicing our monorail safety on the way to the Magic Kingdom!

When we left the resort, we asked Georgia if she wanted to bring her Princess Sophia dress that Mimi had bought her for Christmas. Her reply was "No way!"  Riiiiiight.  So, we threw it in the bottom of the stroller as a just-in-case scenario.  As we checked in for our dinner reservation, Georgia took one look around at all the other kids in their pretty dresses and she immediately demanded her dress!  Thank goodness for back up plans.  So, out came the dress and a princess was born...

The first thing any princess should do... practice her twirling!


And then Mimi whipped out a crown and the look was complete.  Now introducing her royal highness, the Duchess of Clarksburg, Princess Georgia (do recall the kid was born on the day Kate/Will wed in London!  Maybe she'll go to college with Prince George or something in the future)...

We were called in for our reservation and immediately greeted by the beautiful Cinderella!  Notice how much taller and straighter Nick stands in the company of royalty...

No fear this time - she marched right up to Cinderella!

We waited a few minutes in the lobby before they called us up to the main dining area.  The inside of the castle is gorgeous and you are treated like royalty!  I now prefer to be called "Lady Jennifer!"  Georgia was immediately presented with a magic wand, Nick with a pirate sword, and Mimi and I with our own wands.  The whole set-up is quite impressive and we had a great table right by the rear windows of the castle.  We overlooked the carousel and could see Beast's castle in the distance.  It was great to see the lights coming up all over the park as darkness descended upon the kingdom...

Again, a super friendly chef came out to visit our table, as well as several other nearby tables.  He had no problem whipping up a chicken leg for Georgia with some rice and veggies!  Thank goodness for safe dinner rolls because Georgia ate her weight in them over the course of the week.  

And then the introduction of the princesses began!  Georgia had a slight diva moment as one of the princesses approached our table and G didn't have her crown ready.  She nearly knocked over the table as she swiped her hands back and forth and cleared the table as she grabbed her crown to throw it on her head before the princess arrived.

The first princess to arrive was Snow White.  She was LOVELY.  Georgia immediately took it upon herself to do introductions.  Did she introduce her mother or father?  NOPE!  She introduced her Mimi.

Perhaps my favorite picture from the trip...

Miss Georgia and Snow White


Tip #18 -- Take your time eating your dinner at the castle.  The whole visiting princess routine can definitely interrupt your dinner, especially since they all seem to come in rapid progression.  At times, it can feel like a battle between actually eating/inhaling your food and photo ops!  I'm not sure I even remember what my steak tasted like at the castle.  It seemed like the princesses came upon our area of the restaurant just as our food was being served.

Our next visitor was Sleeping Beauty herself, Aurora.  Georgia loved showing her the blinking Minnie Mouse sandals that Mimi gave her before our trip...

Even though Georgia had met Ariel earlier in the day in her grotto with her mermaid tail, she was psyched to see her again.  And this time she was wearing her fancy dress.... with her legs!  Georgia was so excited to show Ariel that she was on her autograph book wearing the same dress.


Our final princess visitor was Jasmine!  We joked that Georgia made herself at home right on Jasmine's chest...



Georgia was so not done with princesses after this epic adventure.  She demanded to find Rapunzel!  Luckily, I had my iPhone on me, so I quickly logged in and found out that Rapunzel was currently appearing in Princess Fairytale Hall right next door to the castle!  I quickly booked Mimi a FastPass+ for when dinner ended, since we still had a leftover pass from earlier in the day.  

As soon as we got out of there, Nick grabbed the FastPass+ and headed inside to say hello to Rapunzel while Mimi and I hung around outside and checked out the pictures and videos from our dinner.

There are typically two visiting princesses in the hall, so Georgia also got a second visit with Snow White!

Tip #19 -- Elsa and Anna from "Frozen" moved into Fairytale Hall during our stay at Disney.  It is one of the hottest FastPass+ selections right now as it's the only place to meet them in the parks!  We missed them by a day or two.  Luckily, Georgia never asked about them.

Since we still had Nick and I's one FastPass+ left, we made a quick decision to hit Space Mountain before we left the park for the night.  As always, Nick has the best candid shot from the roller coaster and my scream is classic...

As we emerged from Space Mountain, the nightly fireworks were starting up and we actually had a fabulous view from TomorrowLand!

Tip #20 -- If you aren't that interested in fireworks or you've already seen them earlier in the week, take advantage and jump on the big rides!  Most lines disappear during the fireworks, but immediately resume right after they are done (as in, within a minute or two!).  Another little known fact - there is a GREAT view of the fireworks from TomorrowLand.  We think we got a better view of them night #2 standing in front of the speedway vs night #1 when we crammed in with thousands of other people in the front of the castle!  We had a fabulous view, were all alone, and we were able to ride several rides while they were going off and immediately afterwards.

Fireworks over the tea cups

Even young Princesses have a bedtime (though massively delayed), so after the fireworks, we slowly meandered our way to the front of the park.  We decided to try a new way back to the hotel, so we jumped aboard the boat that was heading for the Grand Floridian/Polynesian and enjoyed a leisurely ride across the lake.

FitBit count for the day -- 8.4 miles walked!

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